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  • Isabelle, diabète type 1, France

    Lutter contre la dengue

  • Lutter contre la dengue

    Rencontrez Anne-Olivier Bandini, responsable d'équipe R&D, France

  • Rencontrez Anne-Olivier Bandini, responsable d'équipe R&D, France

    Isabelle, diabète type 1, France

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    Clinical trials and results

    Information about sponsored clinical trials and result information are provided for informational purposes only and are not intended to promote any product or use. Clinical study results are intended to report the results of the study that were known at the time of the study's completion. The results therefore do not provide a comprehensive and current review of the safety and efficacy of any drug based upon all information available.  Physicians and patients should refer to the current approved product labeling for information on approved indications in their country.

    This information is not intended to replace the advice of a health care professional. Only a physician can determine if a specific medicine is the correct or best treatment option for a particular patient. If you have questions, please consult a health care professional.

    Results of sanofi clinical studies appear on global websites – link to results are provided here


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