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Sanofi’s Industrial Affairs Teams Carry on in the Face of COVID-19

Photo: #SanofiActs Sanofi’s industrial affairs teams in France continue working to support patients and healthcare professionals in this COVID-19 pandemic. “We are here for you, so you can stay at home.”

Sanofi is part of the global collaboration working on solutions for the current COVID-19 pandemic, focusing on the development of a vaccine and exploring existing treatment options to treat COVID-19 disease. 

However, while the impact of the disease has eclipsed normal life, Sanofi remains focused on the vital need to carry on the daily business of making and supplying medicine for patients with other conditions. It is with these patients in mind that Sanofi’s industrial affairs teams show up for work every day, weekends included, to meet the demand from governments, health authorities, hospitals, wholesalers and pharmacies around the world.


#SanofiActs In Germany, Sanofi’s distribution team worked special shifts on Saturday to maintain the supply chain to provide better care for patients, pharmacies and wholesalers.

Lab team

#SanofiActs Sanofi’s industrial affairs teams in France continue working to support patients and healthcare professionals in this COVID-19 pandemic. “We are here for you, so you can stay at home.”

Lab team

#SanofiActs All it takes is an unbeatable spirit. Sanofi’s employees in Pakistan continue to deliver on their commitments to ensure production and delivery of quality medicines for people and the community.


#SanofiActs Meet Sarah, a Manufacturing Associate on the Support Services team in the United States who ensures there are no disruptions in the production of Sanofi’s medicines for rare disease patients.

“We are on the front line in this battle, and patients, healthcare professionals and health authorities count on us to obtain the medicines they need. It is our mission,” said Philippe Luscan, Executive Vice President, Global Industrial Affairs. “Most of our products are essential for millions of patients all over the world. We must ensure their availability during this crisis and guarantee a very low level of shortages when the situation returns to normal.” 

Sanofi’s global industrial network remains operational, even in Italy, France and the US, countries hugely impacted by the virus. The close collaboration between the teams and the company’s suppliers means there are currently no shortages resulting from the COVID-19 situation. “To make this happen, global supply chain teams set up a worldwide end-to-end Tower of Control to ensure an efficient and agile management of this exceptional situation and to focus on making treatments available for patients all over the world,” said Jeremy Goldnadel, Head of Supply Chain, General Medicines.

At one distribution center in France, this meant working through the weekend to meet the huge demand. “We went to work on Saturday to manage the shipment of one million boxes of medicine. This is a first for this distribution center. More than 45 colleagues working together: preparation, reception and dispatch operators, supervisors, service technicians, managers and people in charge of customer service came to do their part,” explained Isabelle Demolin, Head of the Distribution Center. "Thanks to our united teams, the week ended successfully, with everyone still smiling! Everyone did their job while respecting social distancing measures.” 

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