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The field of human health is undergoing profound scientific and technological change, pointing the way to major therapeutic innovations for patients. 
At Sanofi, innovation is in our DNA: our mission is to harness new technologies and new ways of working to find healthcare solutions all around the world. Our research and development strategies and innovations can be viewed from three angles: Science, Technology, and Digital.




We have adapted our Research & Development model in recent years, building on our excellence in development and improving our productivity. John Reed, who took the helm of Sanofi R&D in July 2018, unveiled the next chapter in the evolution of the Sanofi R&D strategy in February 2019.

Refocusing our pipeline on speciality care

We are continuing with our efforts to build a strong pipeline by making full use of our capabilities in biologics, multi-target products, and new technological platforms. 
In line with our ambition to be an innovation leader, we have decided to refocus on Specialty Care – in particular oncology, immunology, rare diseases and rare blood disorders – while maintaining our commitment to Vaccines.

Our priority is to focus on therapeutic fields where patient needs are most urgent and where the scientific and medical landscape offers the most opportunities.

John Reed
Executive Vice President, Global Head of R&D



Industrial-scale production of medicines and vaccines is at the heart of what we do. 
Today, close to 38,000 of our people at 75 industrial sites around the globe are working to produce high-quality biologics, pills and delivery systems. 
We invest €1 billion a year in modernizing our industrial facilities, two-thirds of which goes into biotechnologies. Tied into an R&D strategy increasingly focused on developing complex biologic medicines, these investments aim to make Sanofi a world leader in bio-production.
Alongside the physical transformation of our production facilities towards bio-production, our factories are also undergoing a digital transformation.
The “connected” factory, using data to power new approaches to manufacturing, is the factory of tomorrow. Data captured by sensors during the manufacturing process will give us more control over production to maximize output. We can also use data to guarantee the highest quality standards for biologic medicines. Manufacturing biologics is a complex process. The slightest alteration in cell culture conditions can result in differences in the finished product, with a potential impact on its safety or efficacy.

Digital and data put the patient at the heart of the healthcare system.

Ameet Nathwani
Executive Vice President, Chief Digital Officer and Chief Medical Officer


Digitalization is a major opportunity for the healthcare sector. We have defined a focused, competitive digital strategy to create value in two ways: to help us run our business better, faster and more efficiently; and to develop new business models.

  • Digital technologies offer the promise of speeding up our clinical trials and getting our medicines to patients faster.
  • Sanofi will soon have connected factories, equipped with sensors to transmit data automatically. Advanced analytics on supply chain data will enable real-time optimization.
  • We engage and interact with physicians through a variety of channels, including chat forums and medical content-sharing platforms. Our Consumer Healthcare Business Unit is now also rolling out targeted marketing capabilities on a global scale.
  • We are developing new approaches that go beyond medicines: non-pharmacological solutions such as medical devices, data, and services that, combined with treatments, can deliver better outcomes for patients, especially for people living with diabetes. 
  • Finally, our digital transformation paves the way for us to make more use of real world data. This means concrete data—extracted from sources such as electronic medical records, insurance application forms or patient surveys—to better understand how our healthcare solutions work outside of the clinical trial environment.

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Imagine a plant bristling with sensors that act as a central nervous system, recording big data that is analyzed almost instantly for continuous monitoring of manufacturing and real-time decision making. At Sanofi, this vision of the future is tomorrow’s reality

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Artificial intelligence (AI) influences which films you watch on Netflix. It warns your bank that your credit card number might be in the hands of a fraudster and makes alarmingly accurate predictions about what you are going to type into your browser next

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