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It's time... for a world without tuberculosis

Infographic about world tuberculosis day

Sanofi, a long term contributor in fighting tuberculosis

Since the 1950s, with the discovery of rifamycins, still today the cornerstone of tuberculosis (TB) treatment, Sanofi has a sustained contribution to fight against tuberculosis and is committed to help reaching the objective to end TB epidemic by 20301.

The United Nations High Level Meeting in New York in September 2018 and the upcoming Global Fund Replenishment in October 2019 create the momentum to accelerate progress towards ending TB.

We at Sanofi believe that efficiently eliminating TB will only be achieved with an integrated strategy, including the treatment of latent tuberculosis infection (LTBI) in high risk populations. People living with HIV & TB contacts are among those most at risk.

Together with our partners, we are stepping up the fight against TB by launching  a Global Commitment:

  • Global LTBI awareness campaign
  • New resources and tools to improve education
  • Bold partnerships and support for TB prevention and care
  • New therapeutic approaches and adapted formulations for all populations

Together we can eliminate TB once and for all !

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  1. United Nations Sustainable Goals 3.3

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