Sanofi’s Two Vaccine Candidates against COVID-19

As the world grapples with the ongoing pandemic, vaccines have become the ultimate weapon in the fight against SARS-Cov-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.  Sanofi  is committed to making meaningful contributions in every way possible to help bring the pandemic to an end.

Paul Hudson

"As the world faces this unprecedented global health crisis, it is clear that no one company can go it alone. That is why Sanofi is continuing to complement its expertise and resources with that of our peers."

Paul Hudson, CEO Sanofi

Sanofi is developing two vaccine candidates

Sanofi has joined forces to develop two vaccine candidates to help prevent and control COVID-19.

Animation COVID two vaccines

Adjuvanted recombinant protein-based vaccine candidate: where do we stand?

Thomas Triomphe

"All our decisions are and will always be driven by science and data. We have identified the path forward and remain confident and committed to bringing a safe and efficacious COVID-19 vaccine."

Thomas Triomphe, Executive Vice President and Head of Sanofi Pasteur

Messenger RNA vaccine candidate: where do we stand?

Developed in partnership with Translate Bio, the project is on track to start phase 1/2 clinical trials in early 2021.

Scaling up manufacturing facilities

Sanofi is increasing its manufacturing capabilities to be able to quickly deliver large quantities of future vaccines to meet global demand from around the world.

“The company is working across multiple countries and in coordination with partner manufacturing sites to be able to make vaccines at the extremely large scales required by the pandemic. The manufacturing process is a complex, never-ending job, but our aim is to supply the vaccine to as many as need it,” said Vincent Hingot, Head of Vaccine Industrial Affairs.

Supply agreements have been agreed with the US, UK, EU and Canada and the company will also supply to the COVAX Facility, a collaboration led by the WHO and GAVI, which aims to secure successful and equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines worldwide.

Reality safety check

While the urgency of developing an effective vaccine cannot be ignored, Sanofi’s top priority is safety. Our CEO, Paul Hudson, pledged with eight other biopharma CEOs to develop potential vaccines in accordance with high ethical standards and sound scientific principles regarding clinical trials and manufacturing processes. 

Only vaccines that have passed an approved phase 3 trial will be submitted for approval or emergency-use authorization, a pledge that “will help ensure public confidence in the rigorous scientific and regulatory process by which COVID-19 vaccines are evaluated and may ultimately be approved.”

“Our work, as always, is driven by science and our sense of responsibility,” said Paul.

Solidarity is key to moving the fight against COVID-19 forward and, in time, to establishing a blueprint for collaboration and preparation for future pandemics.

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