Sanofi Celebrates 100 Years in Brazil

At Sanofi we make medicine to make people better and that means crossing borders and understanding different cultures worldwide, including highly populated countries throughout Africa, Asia, China, Eurasia, the Middle East and Latin America.
For decades we have worked hand-in-hand with patients and healthcare professionals living in these emerging markets, where we are the number one pharmaceutical company.
Our goal is to carry on strengthening local ties with our scientific, industrial and commercial partners, particularly given the shifting healthcare challenges among these people. The combination of a growing and aging population along with urbanization and its related lifestyle changes has led to an increase in chronic illnesses such as diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease, creating a burden on patients and their families as well as on the country’s healthcare system.
Our dedication to emerging market countries is at the heart of our contribution to address worldwide health challenges and we plan to meet them head on through our diversified healthcare solutions, from prevention to self-medication, and cutting-edge specialty care treatments.
In 2019, we are celebrating 100 years in Brazil!

At the World Economic Forum in Davos this year, the recently elected Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro presented the "new Brazil", a country that will be ‘friendlier to show that Brazil is changing’. Sanofi knows only too well the ups and downs of Latin America’s largest country, having started working there in 1919. Over the last century we have continuously invested in the country’s infrastructure and health programs to help Brazil’s 208 million people live better by feeling better.

Our key projects in Brazil revolve around our connections with our patients, resulting in concrete solutions in their daily lives.

One of our programs, the Viva Program, supports more than 300,000 people living with diabetes. Its aim is to increase quality of life by allowing patients to understand their disease and become empowered by being informed, actively involved and less isolated. We provide home visits from a healthcare worker to share basic information on the disease, how to use insulin and develop healthy habits and attitudes and the opportunity to discuss the importance of monitoring glucose levels. Patients also have access to an online portal for educational and motivational support to help them adhere to treatment.

Another Brazilian project is the Movidos pelo Coração, which raises awareness around cardiovascular health through art and culture. More than 30,000 people have already benefited from this project, which was supported by more than 100 Sanofi employee volunteers and provided free tests for cholesterol, blood glucose, abdominal circumference, and blood pressure for general public.

In Brazil, we work with patients’ associations to support and follow the patients and their families in the best possible way. We get involved with our local communities and last year launched the Collaborative Biographies Project to raise visibility around the diversity, social inclusion and empowerment of women entrepreneurs from underprivileged communities.

Through the expansion of our Clinical Studies Unit and Distribution Center we will have invested a total of €200 million between 2015 and 2020.

After a century working in the world’s fifth largest country, Sanofi remains committed to investing in the lives of Brazilians to help them live better by feeling better.

Raising Awareness on Heart Health in Brazil

Sanofi: A Century in Brazil

4,100 professionnals in Brazil
professionnals in Brazil
Sanofi is implanted in Brazil since 1919
Sanofi is implanted in Brazil since 1919
Map of Latin America
of the company's business in Latin America is in Brazil
30 countries in the Americas, Europe, Africa and Oceania receive exportation from us
countries in the Americas, Europe, Africa and Oceania receive exportation from us
Map of Latin America
With its 2 factories , Suzano and Campinas, Brazil is home to Sanofi's largest industrial platform outside Europe
the Garulhos Distribution Center is one of the Sanofi's largest industrial platform in the world
90% of drugs marketed in Brazil are produced locally
of drugs marketed in Brazil are produced locally
offered products ranging from prevention and self-care to treatment of chronic, complex and rare disease

Public Health: Special Attention to Brazil Needs

In Brazil, we make medical and scientific alliances, collaborative projects with universities, support to clinical research and public-private partnerships for development of drugs, therapies and vaccines relevant to the population. Examples of these initiates, which reflect our alignment with Brazilian public health needs are:


Worldwide supply of medicine for Leishmaniasis carried out by the factory of Suzano

Vaccines against Flu

Public-private partnership with Butantan Institute for technology transfer of the influenza vaccine

Human Rabies Vaccine

Partnership enabling availability of this life-saving vaccine for Brazilian public health


Introduction of injectable inactivated vaccine against polio in the national immunization calendar


Partnership focused on the development of malaria treatment

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