Sanofi’s Commitment Goes Beyond Treatments!

By developing disruptive therapeutic innovative drugs and solutions for patients with cardiovascular diseases over the last 50 years, Sanofi is daily contributing with health care professionals to the tremendous progress in public healthcare.

Once again this year, Sanofi is proud to actively take part in World Heart Day!

Discover Sanofi’s #Talkinghearts campaign[Add link video ] and find out more about how you can look after your heart and your loved ones through the World Heart Federation’s campaign 'My Heart, Your Heart' @worldheartfed.

The goal behind our new awareness campaign, “Talkinghearts, is to help people avoid the risk of recurrence after a first attack by educating patients and their loved ones to develop the right reactions and bring about life-long change.

The campaign offers healthcare professionals tools to help them with diagnosis and risk assessment and provides informational material for their patients to promote a better understanding of their disease.

An app will be available in the near future to help patients design a lifestyle that suits them, with advice and follow-up indicators.

Join us for World Heart Day!