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Empowering your career

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Sanofi’s mission to empower the lives of patients requires that we build a strong learning culture. By providing valuable learning opportunities and connecting you to key learning areas to support your passion, we empower you to make a difference.

We monitor the evolving business environment to help you look ahead in your career and design your professional growth programs to suit your ambition. Check out some of our growth programs designed to help you reach your full potential throughout your career journey.

Leadership development

We encourage the development of our people at all levels, from early career new hires to seasoned professionals, and offer a continuously updated range of programs to provide personalized support wherever you are along your career path.

Key leadership and management skills program by level of seniority

EVOLVE - Identifying our leaders of tomorrow

EVOLVE is a 6 month development journey for Sanofi’s early talents. It aims to develop tomorrow’s leaders and prepare them for the next step in their careers, and focuses on people who are eager to accelerate the transition to higher level positions. The program allows participants to increase their self-awareness through reflection, develop key competencies and practice giving and receiving feedback in order to better prepare for future leadership roles.

V.I.E - Developing early careers

If you are at an early stage of your professional career, Sanofi’s VIE program is for you. VIE provides opportunities for highly skilled European graduates to undertake interesting and rewarding international assignment across our businesses. This program aims to develop an international pool of competitive, talented recent graduates from various backgrounds and offer those selected a career in our company.

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370 V.I.E. participants as of 2017, in 45 countries, 55% employed by Sanofi after V.I.E. assignment around 70 open positions on regular basis, opportunities in all type of areas like marketing, regulatory, finance, supply chain, clinical trials, etc.

Be next to join the V.I.E. program

Am I eligible to apply?

Please check the eligibility criteria below to make sure you can apply:

  • You are a European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA) national
  • You are not a native of the host country: apply to work in a different country than yours
  • A candidate must begin their work assignment no later than the day before their 29th birthday
  • You are a recent graduate or young professional with 5-years’ post-secondary education (e.g. university etc.)
  • Excellent proficiency in English is mandatory

How do I apply?

What will happen next?

  • Your application will be considered by the VIE Recruitment Team
  • If you are selected for the next phase, you will be contacted to arrange interviews with the business function and the HR Team
  • Successful candidates will be offered a VIE position
  • Sanofi will provide assistance throughout the administrative and visa processes

Additional support for employees in the VIE program

  • Monthly allowances
  • Tax-free and exemption from national insurance contributions
  • Housing allowance depending on the country
  • Travel costs coverage (moving to the host country)
  • Healthcare/insurance coverage covered by your contract