Socially Responsible Investment

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an integral part of Sanofi’s core business strategy. By building a pragmatic and innovative approach to meet today’s CSR challenges, it contributes to value creation and improving our business.

The Corporate Social Responsibility division, in coordination with the Investor Relations department, is in charge of the information analyzed by socially responsible investors and rating agencies. Both assess companies according to social, environmental, economic and governance criteria.

Rating agencies recognize those companies with proactive policies for responsibly managing economic, environmental and social aspects of doing business, via their indices.

Sanofi is included in the main non-financial rating indices, recognizing our CSR performance.

Our CSR strategy

Sanofi CSR strategy

CSR is our responsibility vis-à-vis the society. Our approach focuses on three pillars and is based on our key principles to ensure high standards of ethics and transparency in all that we do:

  • extending access to healthcare for the underserved;
  • supporting our communities, including the community of our employees;
  • preserving a healthy planet, ensuring that environmental considerations are part of our decision-making process.
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Healthcare for all

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Corporate citizenship

Access to environmental impact page

Environmental impact

Ethics & Transparency

Ethics & Transparency are the core of the company’s social responsibility.
It is our way of working every day and forms the basis of our relationship with each of our stakeholders.
We strongly believe that Ethics & Transparency are real drivers of value creation,
essential and undisputed to preserve and strengthen the trust of patients, stakeholders and communities.
We have developed strong rules in accordance with the legal framework in each of the countries we operate in.
Our Code of Ethics is available in 29 languages and provided to all employees.

Recognition for our extra-financial performance

Sanofi’s performance is recognized through our inclusion in the most important international Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) indices including:

  • Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) World (Bronze Class): reference index in sustainable Development
  • FTSE4Good (Financial Times Stock Exchange)
  • Access to Medicine Index (ATM)
  • Stoxx® Global ESG Leaders indices

In 2017, Sanofi achieved the UN Global Compact Advanced Level.

The extra-financial scores of Sanofi are presented below:

Logos Rating Agencies Sanofi scores 2017 Sanofi scores 2016
Logo DJSI DJSI 80 81
Logo ATM Index ATM Index(1) - 6th
Logo CDP CDP Climate Change A- A-
CDP Water A B
Logo Global100 Global 100 Corporate Knights 22nd 87th
Logo Oekom Oekom(2) #1 #1
Logo ISS ISS 1(3) -
Logo FTSE4Good FTSE4Good 98 97
Logo Sustainalytics Sustainalytics 6th(4) 15th


  1. Assessment performed every two years.
  2. #1 of the Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology sector.
  3. Environmental & Social score 2018.
  4. 6th out of 151.

CSR reporting

Since 2017, Sanofi publishes an Integrated Report based on the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) standards. It presents, in a synthetic manner, the Group’s strategy for creating short, mid- and long-term value (financial and extra-financial) for the company and its stakeholders.

Sanofi also publishes in its French Document de Référence a chapter on Corporate Social Responsibility (Chapter 4) in accordance with Articles L. 225-102-1 and R. 225-104 to R. 225-105-2 of the French Commercial Code relating to companies’ obligations of transparency with regard to Corporate Social Responsibility. An English translation of this chapter is available online.

Our reporting principles are based on the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards, under the “Core” option. Sanofi is also a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact.

In May 2018, Sanofi published its CSR Indicators table and Auditor’s Report, available here.

Other reference documents and factsheets are available in the Documents Center of the “Our Responsibility” section (see below).

2018 Integrated Report

Chapter 4 of the 2017 Document de référence

Corporate Social Responsibility

Chapter 4 of the 2018 Document de référence


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