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Micaela Vitor, diversity is important to grow

Published on: March 20, 2023


Micaela Vitor
Sport records or scientific breakthroughs do not happen overnight. They require courage, determination and hard work. Through the Sanofi’s People series, we are highlighting stories that create change.
We are leveraging the spirit of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games to spotlight inspiring individuals – at Sanofi and beyond – who inspire us to push our limits, to do more and to ignite our full potential.
Discover Micaela Vitor's story.
Diversity encourages new ways of thinking
Micaela Vitor

Micaela Vitor

Sanofi Scientist

Micaela started her career  applying her skills in chemical and mechanical engineering to biology. Seeing the impact her work could have on patients’ lives, she joined Sanofi as a Senior Research Scientist.

Micaela brings unrivaled expertise to the role, as well as cutting-edge approaches to antibody discovery and the use of nanotechnology

“Diversity is important to grow. And to think in a different way”
Micaela is a big champion of the benefits of diversity, both in science. Differing perspectives on a problem encourage creative solutions; something that’s crucial to her own research.
She sees failure as a normal part of the process, encouraging us to see why something doesn’t work, to change, to improve and eventually do better.
“Resilience is very important in science.”
It’s this perseverance, creativity and curiosity that make Micaela the scientist she is today as she works to chase the miracles of science to improve people's lives.


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