Achieving Social Impact

Hear from our Executive Committee on how Sanofi is doing more to make a positive impact on global health and environmental sustainability.


Olivier Charmeil

Ensuring Affordable Access

"While healthcare inequalities are regrettably nothing new, I am convinced we have a stronger role to play in improving access to medicines for those who cannot afford them. Our social impact strategy is prioritizing affordable access to medicines and vaccines by creating a new, non-profit business unit, Sanofi Global Health. The unit will operate in some of the least developed regions of the world, offering 30 of our most essential medicines, including treatments for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, malaria and tuberculosis.

To establish more sustainable access, we will also build on our longstanding geographic and scientific footprint to work hand-in-hand with health authorities and care providers to improve the resilience of local health systems. The experience of the COVID-19 pandemic has shone a spotlight on the need to do more for those in need, and has brought us even closer to our purpose. At Sanofi, we know we can do more."

Olivier Charmeil, General Medicines


Natalie Bickford

Building an Inclusive Workplace

"The COVID-19 pandemic has brought us many challenges, including the notion of “workplace.” We have seen that flexible working works and for us, that means reinventing the employee experience. But where we work is not the only issue that has come to the fore in the past year. We all watched the social pandemic of race spill onto the streets in worldwide protests to support Black Lives Matter. We have always worked to establish a diverse and inclusive workplace, but now is the moment to accelerate our efforts.

The business and societal advantages that come from a diverse and inclusive environment are significant, which is why this is an integral part of our social impact strategy. It will be integrated into the career development of our leaders and will be critical to attract and keep the best people at Sanofi. We also want to reflect this inclusive mindset outside the company in the communities we serve, ensuring diversity and inclusivity in clinical trials, in our selection criteria with our suppliers, and by involving local leadership teams in community projects. At Sanofi, we know we can do more."

Natalie Bickford, Chief People Officer


John Reed

Supporting Vulnerable Communities

"We have made clear choices to sharpen our focus on breakthrough science that delivers revolutionary new medicines and vaccines, so as part of our commitment to society we have considered it essential to identify how our science can bring the greatest benefit, especially for vulnerable and often overlooked communities. We will continue our contribution to the efforts to eradicate polio and eliminate sleeping sickness, two diseases that afflict marginalized and vulnerable communities, with vaccines and new therapeutics.

But we have also thought broadly about vulnerable communities and have recognized the huge gap in treatment for children who suffer from cancer. Our R&D teams include world-class scientists who have deep knowledge of the specific challenges of pediatric oncology, and understand the crucial need to find treatment. We seek to address the needs of the youngest cancer patients by identifying and developing promising molecules in our pre-clinical pipeline. At Sanofi, we know we can do more."

John Reed, Global Head of Research & Development


Julie Van Ongevalle

Protecting the Planet

"When we saw how our whole company stepped up in the fight against coronavirus in 2020, we decided to review how we could do more to make a positive and long-lasting impact on society across all our operations, and that included the urgent need to protect the environment. Over the last decade, Sanofi has worked to minimize the environmental impact of its operations, but we are now scaling up our ambitions and actions to make real changes in how we promote environmental sustainability to foster global health.

We are embedding our commitment to protect the planet into our broader social impact strategy with ambitious objectives and qualitative targets. These include an eco-friendly design for our new products by 2025, as well as renewable electricity on all our sites and a 100% carbon neutral sales car fleet, both by 2030. There is still a lot of work to be done, but our teams are ready to turn our ambitions into reality. At Sanofi, we know we can do more."

Julie Van Ongevalle, Consumer Healthcare