Fighting against falsified medicines

Fighting against falsified medicines: a long-standing commitment for Sanofi

At Sanofi, we are committed to safeguarding the integrity and traceability of our products and being a solid partner in the global fight against falsified medicines.

We run our own dedicated Central Anti-Counterfeiting Laboratory in Tours, France. Since its creation in 2008, the laboratory analyzed more than 39,000 suspicious products.

In the fight against falsified medicines, we:

  • work together with local authorities and professional organizations to educate the public and raise awareness
  • cooperate with law enforcement, customs officials, health authorities and other pharmaceutical companies in efforts to seize potentially harmful products and shut down clandestine production facilities and illegal websites that sell counterfeit
  • protect the security of the supply chain and develop innovative, high-tech solutions to safeguard the integrity of our products and prevent falsification.
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