Sanofi Genzyme Humanitarian Aid Programs

Akash, Gaucher disease, India

Sanofi’s responsibility to patients does not end with developing effective therapies. It is also committed to bringing its therapies to patients who qualify, regardless of their ability to pay.  Whether this is due to limited access to medical care, or to coverage and/or reimbursement difficulties, Sanofi works with local governments, patient associations, and humanitarian organizations to ensure patients have access to the medicine they need.

Rare diseases

Sanofi’s humanitarian program for rare diseases started in 1991 when its first treatment for Gaucher disease was made available. It has since expanded to support five different communities with lysosomal storage disorders—a group of rare genetic conditions caused by enzyme deficiencies—around the world:

patients treated in 100+ countries since the program began
patients have received free therapy for 10+ years
patients in 70+ countries receive free therapy

Rare blood disorders (hemophilia)

Sanofi’s humanitarian program for hemophilia is critical as a vast majority of people with this disease have limited or no access to diagnosis and treatment, and many in the developing world often don’t survive to adulthood.

  • Together with Sobi™, Sanofi recently expanded its support of the World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH) Humanitarian Aid Program by pledging to donate up to an additional 500 million IUs of factor therapy for up to five years. This brings the total commitment up to an unprecedented 1 billion IUs for humanitarian use-the single largest donation of hemophilia factor therapy in history.
  • With Sobi, Sanofi has delivered 538 million IUs to the WFH Humanitarian Aid Program since 2015. More than 17,300 patients in 45 contries have been treated through its donation.

Partnerships for humanitarian aid

Sanofi relies on its partners’ local expertise and relationships to help support patients and navigate the challenges of reaching them in countries around the world.

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