World Cancer Day

Developed by the Union for International Cancer Control for World Cancer Day,
the #IAMANDIWILL campaign recognizes the global impact of cancer and how it touches everyone — patients, loved ones, carers and the researchers whose life-long goal is to find a cure. To create a future without cancer, the time to act is now. The campaign encourages everyone to share their story to increase understanding, overcome stigma and reduce fear. 

These are their stories.

Victor, son of Hélène, a breast cancer survivor

"My mother's cancer was very difficult to live with, emotionally and physically, but today she has transformed this experience into something positive by creating a Cancer and Work unit in her company, and that in turn has helped me. I am proud of her for that”

Stéphanie, a breast cancer survivor

“I am lucky to have survived the fight against cancer. I am now living life to the full and taking every opportunity”

Virginie, a breast cancer survivor

"After the tsunami caused by cancer, I took stock of my life. I now live in the present, connected to me and to others ... I don’t want to sit idly by, I want to do something that matters like visiting sick people to help them have hope and to smile again ...”

Christophe, a researcher at Sanofi

“I have known relatives, friends and colleagues affected by cancer. Unfortunately, some have passed away. Despite enormous progress made in cancer research during the last decades we still need to find more efficient drugs”

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Dr. Blandine Mellouet, Doctor, France

“I am convinced that the power of the image is a great lever for the promotion of health. That's why I founded Plasma (Promoting health through adapted media)”

Hieu Vo, a doctor at the Hospital of Oncology Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

“I will continuously promote awareness among our community on how they can protect themselves from cancer, because it is on the rise in Vietnam. About 80% of cancer deaths linked to tobacco and environmental pollution are preventable. People should limit their exposure to tobacco, pay more attention to food safety, get vaccinations for Hepatitis B, C and HPV viruses and do more exercise” 

Allan, CEO Start-up VitaDX

“At VitaDX, we are developing an early diagnosis solution for bladder cancer using fluorescence imaging and machine learning. Our goal is to massively reduce the medical impact of bladder cancer and its cost for health systems"