Global Innovation at VivaTech May 24-26, Paris

Viva Technology (VivaTech) is an international hub for startups and leaders who are pushing the limits and testing the future. The three-day event gives you the chance to look at ideas outside the box, embark on new adventures with the most innovative startups to develop new digital health solutions and services, while interacting with global leaders on digital transformation and more.

Join us at VivaTech this year and be inspired and amazed at what is possible today! Innovation is at the heart of what we do, so experience for yourself the spirit that is driving our transformation and see how we can push the boundaries together.

For the first time, VivaTech will feature a booth dedicated to innovation in Africa: Afric@Tech, and Sanofi, as a health journey partner across the globe, will be hosting ten African startups that focus on solutions to improve health. We have also selected 30 startups for our “Tech for Health” lab, who will showcase their innovative solutions to our challenges.

To get you into the VivaTech spirit, listen to our podcasts and read the quotes from the challenge sponsors. Hear from experts such as Milind Kamkolkar, Chief Data Officer, and Isabelle Vitali, Head of Innovation and Business Excellence, Sanofi France, who will give you a better understanding of how we innovate.

Check out our series of video interviews with, among others, Ameet Nathwani, Executive Vice President, Chief Medical Officer, Jon Fairest, Head of Africa, and Heather Bell, Senior Vice President, Global Head of Digital & Analytics, who talk about what’s at stake and how we innovate to be a better partner to people on their health journey.

Innovation to improve precision is also at the core of how and with whom we work. Our digital plants use models and simulations to transform how we plan, design and operate our facilities from the concept through to delivering products to patients. In the near future we will work alongside “Cobots” – collaborative robots that recognize their environment to operate safely and Autonomous Mobile Robots that will automatically transport raw materials, equipment and products to different points in the facility.

And don’t miss our coverage during VivaTech: this will include live tweets, videos, a daily roundup on what’s going as well Instagram coverage. Visit our VivaTech corner on to find out more.

Join us and see how we can do what we do better!

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