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Global Innovation at VivaTech May 24-26, Paris

Viva Technology (VivaTech) is an international hub for startups and leaders who are pushing the limits and testing the future. The three-day event gives you the chance to look at ideas outside the box, embark on new adventures with the most innovative startups to develop new digital health solutions and services, while interacting with global leaders on digital transformation and more.

Join us at VivaTech this year and be inspired and amazed at what is possible today! Innovation is at the heart of what we do, so experience for yourself the spirit that is driving our transformation and see how we can push the boundaries together.

VivaTech Program

The VivaTech program will be available soon. Stay posted for all VivaTech news!

“I Love the fact that we are blending science and technology”
Ameet Nathwani – CMO, Sanofi

“To drive innovation in an organization, harness the people who want to be part of the change and help them make it happen!”
Heather Bell – Global Head of Digital and Analytics

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