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Partnering with us

Our unique partnering approach enables us to ensure the delivery of the best, most innovative and most awaited solutions for patients.

An open partnering model

Partnering is in our DNA

New scientific discoveries happen every day. But to translate this laboratory knowledge into patient treatments remains a big challenge. We have great expertise and science in Sanofi. We believe, however, that through forming external partnerships, we can deliver the best, most innovative solutions for patients. Partnership is truly in our DNA. Sanofi has become a global healthcare leader due to external partnerships built over the years across many geographic regions. Partnership is a key component of our strategy and one of the foundations of our success: half of our current development portfolio comes from the outside. We need to collaborate with biotechnology companies, research institutes, academics/universities, hospitals and patients. This is the best way to be able to bring our advances to patients and accelerate the translation of scientific discoveries into effective treatments.

We are where you are

Sanofi is a network of small and large operating units, of global and regional groups, of integrated and stand-alone businesses. Thanks to this flexible structure, we are accessible to our partners. You get to know us. This makes the creation of deep and long-lasting collaboration easier. To become our partner, you do not have to fit into a rigid structure. Whatever your stage of development and structure, we are there. We develop a personal approach with you, to meet the needs of your project and team. Our open approach to partnership has attracted great innovators. Whether or not renowned, they all share the same pioneering approach to a new science or technology.

What we can offer you as our partner?

By working with us, you will be able to accelerate the development of your ideas and assets. We offer you our expertise and experience on developing, registering and bringing healthcare solutions to the market. As our partner, you share the costs and risks of developing products with us. Also, you have immediate access to:

  • our global partnership network – you have the opportunity to connect with world-renowned experts in science, industry, product development and marketing, etc.
  • our worldwide exposure – you benefit from our strong presence in Europe, Japan and North America, as well as in the fast-growing emerging markets of Asia Pacific, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East, in which we hold a number one position. You benefit from our relationships with local regulatory and marketing experts, and rely on us to show you the way through each region's highly particular economic, cultural, healthcare and research environments.
  • our high-quality compounds collection – we hold a world-class collection of millions of compounds accumulated over the past 40 years. Your access to this compounds collection is a unique opportunity to add value to your target portfolios. We believe that exposing more compounds to more targets accelerates the development of therapeutic solutions.
  • our industrial base – you benefit from our global industrial network. Our ability to produce locally is a strong competitive advantage, enabling us to be closer to customers' needs, to meet local regulations and to be more cost competitive.

What we are looking for?

As a trusted partner in the healthcare journey, we understand science and embrace innovation. Working across the drug discovery continuum from prevention through cures, we are eager to learn more about your advances in early- to late-stage development. Our partnering brochure will add more insight about our major therapeutic areas and flexible approach to deal making.

How we identify our partners and manage our partnerships?

The success of our partnerships depends partly on our ability to identify our partners, and monitor our relationship. We go through three steps to form a new partnership agreement.

1. Opportunity identification

We draw up a list of opportunity targets that meet our needs and contact the potential partners thus identified. We then carefully study the quality of the opportunity, the product's translational and scientific properties as well as its competitive positioning.

2. Evaluation and negotiation

Everything starts with a first assessment phase. Then we sign a Confidential Disclosure Agreement to further assess the opportunity. Next comes Due Diligence. In this deep audit phase we do a complete analysis of our opportunity in order to confirm or modify our initial evaluation. If our interest is confirmed, we then enter a final negotiation stage securing all and every aspects of our future collaboration.

3. Alliance management

This phase is crucial to ensure the success of a deep and long-lasting partnership. Because we at Sanofi are convinced that alliances must be optimized and growth opportunities must be leveraged to the maximum, we have created a dedicated Alliance Management structure. Overseeing the partnerships after the execution of a deal, Alliance Management aims to achieve the alliance's strategic and financial objectives, and so maximize the benefits for both parties. Dedicated teams work with partners throughout the life cycle of the alliance. These teams ensure expertise sharing and best practice implementation. They also promote fairness for all concerned parties and focus on bringing a culture of trust, adaptability and transparency in order to build and maintain successful partnerships that transform innovation into patient value.

Our contacts

We invite you to contact Sanofi to inquire about our partnership opportunities. Email your opportunity according to your area of interest.

Diabetes & Cardiovascular

Diabetes: Ulrich WENDT -
Cardiovascular: Michael DRAPER -

Sanofi Genzyme

Rare Diseases: Brian BRONK -
Multiple Sclerosis & Neuroscience: Isaac VEINBERGS -
Oncology: Kaan CERTEL –
Immunology: Adam KEENEY –

Sanofi Pasteur

Jean-Louis GRUNWALD -
Vaccines: Roman CHICZ -

General Medicines & Emerging Markets

Olivier REINHARD -
Infectious Diseases: Anne DAGALLIER -
Latin America:Alexandre BOGGIO -
China: Matthieu MERLIN
Africa, Middle East, Eurasia & South Asia:Eric SOL

Consumer Healthcare


Technology Platforms



Rachel SHA –

Understanding science

Collaboration has to start near the beginning if we want to transform early stage discovery into breakthrough drugs for patients

Understand disease biology and identify new targets

In this exploratory phase, we are interested in collaborations to identify and better understand targets with a relevant impact on a human disease. This type of collaboration at a very early stage is part of our "translational medicine" approach: this research model aims to put a greater focus on human disease biology earlier in discovery. This is because we believe that the sooner we can validate our working hypotheses in a human population, the greater our ability to fail fast, while moving projects with greater chance of success into Development.

We are open to collaborating with all types of partners active on that scope. It includes especially academic health centers that work directly with patients and that can give us an access to less studied areas of biology. By working with us, you will be able to benefit from our ability to drive a potential molecule towards a high value compound.

Generate new candidates

We are looking for research collaboration that can contribute to the generation of new products. Our goal: to generate candidate products into development. We look for mutually beneficial partnerships where the combination of your specific know-how and our internal capabilities and historical expertise can accelerate the discovery of new treatments for patients. By collaborating with us, you will have access to our compounds library where you can test your biological molecules to create new drugs.

A multi-year collaboration between Sanofi, Sanofi Pasteur and the independent biotechnology company Pieris

Anticalins are a novel generation of targeted therapeutics. They have the potential to overcome some of the constraints of monoclonal antibodies, thereby allowing new therapeutic approaches. This agreement allows Pieris to apply its proprietary Anticalin technology in order to discover novel Anticalin drugs against multiple targets. With this Anticalin technology, Sanofi will be able to take a more comprehensive approach to developing targeted therapeutics, as it believes the Anticalin technology complements its existing portfolio of more conventional technologies.

Enable existing projects in our R&D pipeline

We are interested in partners with a specific technology or know-how in order to advance or improve the existing compounds in our portfolio. We explore all types of partnerships that can help us to accelerate the development of applicable products.

Sanofi and Massachusetts general hospital combine their research efforts on oncology

The two-year agreement signed in October 2012 will contribute to further translational medicine re-search in order to develop new treatments for various types of hematological malignancies and solid tumors.

The collaboration initially involved two early development molecules, both of which are viewed as promising approaches to developing new treatments for various types of advance tumors. To best develop these molecules, MGH and Sanofi share their scientific expertise, R&D capabilities and resources. "The research collaboration with MGH illustrates how we are leveraging these relationships in a translational and experimental medicine approach to drug discovery and clinical development. This collaboration combines and complements our collective understanding of complex disease, expertise in biological science, and deep knowledge of medicines to help accelerate delivery of treat-ments to patients with unmet medical needs" said Elias Zerhouni, MD., President, global R&D Sanofi.

New molecule licensing

We are open to partnerships that can bring a specific compound to complement our development portfolio. Collaborate with us and you will benefit from our medical expertise at an operational level, including our understanding on regulations in the different markets thanks to our worldwide exposure. By working together, we can optimize the efficiency of a new compound on the human body.

Sanofi and Regulus Pharmaceuticals form a miRNA discovery and development deal

In 2010, Sanofi committed with Regulus, a biotechnology company totally devoted to miRNA. miRNA are believed to be extremely important in human development and physiology, as they are supposed to regulate the expression of about a third of all genes, offering a new approach to treating disease.

This early stage partnership enables the development of therapeutics which could potentially open a new paradigm in the treatment of major diseases and offer an attractive new therapeutic approach for patients.

Develop new differentiating technologies

We are open to all the opportunities to collaborate with partners that can help us develop or get access to critical or differentiating technologies. It could be a device, a test or a biomarker. In 2012, we collaborated with MIT (Massashussets Institute of Technology) to create an experimental device that delivers a small, high-pressure jet of medicine through the skin without requiring a needle. We joined forces to study the feasibility of using the technology for different diseases and in different injection sites on the body. Special emphasis was also put on optimizing the device in order to use it on humans.

Epistem, partner in biomarker gene

Our alliance with Epistem, the UK biotechnology and personalized medicine company, is another illustration of the type of technologies we are interested in. This three-year collaboration relates to their biomarker gene expression profiling and immunohistochemistry technologies. It aims to enhance discovery at Sanofi oncology programmes through clinical biomarkers.

Developing and marketing innovative solutions

Collaborating with biotechnology companies is key for accelerating development of the best therapeutic solutions for patients.

Early development

We are open to all types of partnerships that can accelerate a product's early development, from the pre-clinical studies stage to the clinical Proof of Concept one.

Late stage development

By collaborating with us in late-stage development (post clinical Proof of Concept, up to registration), you can benefit from our global presence and the regulatory expertise of our local teams in different countries. You can also cash in on our ability to run high- quality clinical trials all over the world. This is a big advantage in countries like China where you have to have local teams and infrastructure to register your products locally.

It is our objective to help develop a shared culture based on mutual interests, by transferring our expertise and know-how to you. We benefit from efficiencies flowing from your smaller scale while you learn from our rigorous approach. This cooperation saves time so speeds up product development.

Innovative technologic solutions

Our commitment goes beyond developing efficient therapeutic solutions: we want to improve patients' lives. We are looking for all technologic solutions that can improve patients' comfort and the efficiency of their treatment. Developing more effective treatments has a further advantage: it improves the treatment's compliance by the patient and increases the return on health investment. To develop innovative technologic solutions, we need external partners. If you have developed an innovative technologic solution that can have an impact on patients' lives, do get in touch with us.

Sanofi and Agamatrix: a strategic partnership that is improving diabetes patients’ quality of life

In 2010, Sanofi signed a deal with AgaMatrix to co-develop blood glucose monitoring (BGM) solutions. For people with diabetes, blood glucose monitoring is essential for maintaining tight blood glucose control. BGM also prevents numerous diabetes-related complications that can compromise overall health and quality of life. A significant proportion of people with diabetes have continuing concerns about factors such as reliability, accuracy, discretion and the ease of use of blood glucose monitors.

Six months after signing the deal, Sanofi and AgaMatrix launched the BGM devices BGStarTM and iBGStarTM. Convenient, accurate and easy-of-use, BGStarTM and iBGStarTM make decisions-easier for people with diabetes and for their healthcare professionals. These innovative devices combine AgaMatrix's advanced technology and BGM development capabilities with Sanofi's expertise in insulin and insulin delivery.

BGStarTM and iBGStarTM were designed by listening to the needs of diabetes sufferers. The ultra-compact iBGStarTM can be plugged into an iPhone® or iPod touch® and displays the results on a full-color, touch screen. The specially-designed and simple iBGStarTM Diabetes Manager App allows data to be easily managed and communicated to healthcare professionals.

This strategic partnership meets Sanofi's objective to be a 360 degree partner for patients living with diabetes. It makes their lives simpler by providing innovative and integrated solutions.

Commercial collaboration

Sanofi also helps structures and organizations develop their products commercially beyond national borders. If you are in the early stage of your international expansion or want to make the international expansion of your products certain, we can help. We have the expertise and know-how to market your products.

Sanofi and Regeneron: a successful long term partnership

Our partnership with Regeneron, a leading US biopharmaceutical company, is a perfect illustration of our long-term commitment to our partners. It has grown steadily over the years since its 2007 inception. Strong ties have been forged and there has been a fusion of cultures, leading to the delivery of new products in many therapeutic areas: cardiovascular, metabolism, neurology, anti-cancer, dermatology, immunology, infectology, ophthalmology, respiratory and technology.

The collaboration comprises a Discovery Research Agreement under which Regeneron and Sanofi identify targets and Regeneron then generates related antibodies and conducts pre-clinical development until the IND filing. The partnership also includes a License and Collaboration Agreement setting out the antibodies selected by Sanofi for joint development. Sanofi opts-in at IND stage the antibodies that will be developed further.

Amongst the key products co-developed since 2007, the following could have a tremendous positive impact on the lives of many patients:

  • Alirocumab, the PCSK9 mAb to lower LDL cholesterol
    The control of cholesterol is one of the key defenses against risks of heart attack or cardiovascular disease, one of the leading causes of death in the world. Using Regeneron's innovative Veloclmmune technology, Sanofi developed PCSK9, an antibody that can help people who are unable to control their cholesterol rate. PCSK9 is a fully human monoclonal antibody administered via subcutaneous injection. It can have a significant impact on the life of many patients. George D.Yancopoulos, M.D.,Ph.D., Regeneron's Chief Scientific Officer of Regeneron and President of Regeneron Research Laboratories, explains : "We believe that the expertise of Regeneron, in the field of discovery and development of antibodies associated with Sanofi's experience in clinical development and self-injection devices, will facilitate making available this new treatment as quickly as possible to patients who cannot reach their target LDL-C".
  • Sarilumab, the anti IL-6 mAb for Rheumatoid Athritis
    Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic systemic autoimmune disease affecting approximately 0.5% to 1% of the global adult population. It causes inflammation in the joints with resulting swelling and pain around the affected joints and loss of normal movement. Around one quarter of the patients affected by rheumatoid arthritis are treated with an anti-TNF and do not respond to the treatment. Sanofi and Regenron are working on the development of Sarilumab, a fully human monoclonal antibody. Administered via subcutaneous injection, it is directed against the alpha subunit of the IL-6 receptor complex (IL-6R∝), which contributes to the inflammatory mechanism of rheumatoid arthritis. It blocks the binding of IL-6 to its receptor, so interrupting the resultant cytokine-mediated inflammatory signaling cascade. Sarilumab has been developed using Regeneron VelocImmune® antibody technology."The MOBILITY results provide evidence that IL-6R blockade with Sarilumab represents a promising new anti-inflammatory investigational therapy for reducing RA disease symptoms. We are very pleased that the first of our novel VelocImmune® derived antibodies is poised to enter phase 3 development," comments George D. Yancopoulos, M.D., Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer of Regeneron and President of Regeneron Research Laboratories.
  • Dupilumab, the anti IL-4 mAb for atopic dermatitis and severe asthma
    Atopic dermatitis is a chronic inflammation of the skin that can causes intolerable itching. Its prevalence of atopic dermatitis is estimated to be between 1 and 3% of adults. Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of the airways. An estimated 235-300 million people have asthma worldwide, and an estimated 10 to 20% of these asthmatics are less than optimally monitored despite existing therapies.

There is currently no long-term well tolerated treatment for patients with moderate to severe dermatitis. It is necessary to address this unmet medical need by providing a systematic and effective treatment. Likewise, for patients with moderate to severe persistent asthma, there are few treatment options.

Dupilumab is a fully human monoclonal antibody developed in collaboration with Regeneron. It is administered via subcutaneous injection, targeting the alpha subunit of the interleukin 4 receptor (IL-4R∝) which contributes to mechanisms inducing atopic dermatitis and some types of asthma. "The proof of concept obtained both in asthma and atopic dermatitis showed that the drug Dupilumab could be effective in several other diseases with similar underlying pathological mechanism",comments Gianluca Pirozzi, Head of Global project Dupilumab, Sanofi.

Manufacturing and supply

With our industrial network and technical expertise, we can help you to convert any innovative concept into an industrial reality.

CEPiA: our organization dedicated to external industrial partnerships

To better meet the needs of its partners and customers in terms of manufacturing and supply of innovative therapeutic solutions, Sanofi has created a specific organization within its Industrial Affairs: CEPiA (Commercial and External Partnership Industrial Affairs).
We, at CEPiA, offer a broad range of solutions to third parties in three main areas:

  • Intermediates and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) supply:We manufacture and supply a broad range of biotech & chemical intermediates and APIs. Customers in pharmaceutical industry can have access to almost 200 high quality APIs, manufactured in our 16 chemical and biotech sites. (See more: / API & Intermediates supplier)
  • Pharmaceuticals Contract manufacturing for bulk and finished products: We provide our partners an access to Sanofi's expertise, industrial resources and technical know-how in order to manufacture finished pharmaceuticals products. Whether you provide the APIs or you use ours, we offer you a complete range of services with up-to-date technologies from phase III of development until Contract manufacturing. (See more: / Pharma Contract Manufacturing)
  • Custom synthesis and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Contract Manufacturing: We offer our partners and clients both toll-manufacturing and exclusive synthesis of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients. By collaborating with us, you benefit from our know-how from process development to industrial scale production. We act as a Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO) in chemistry and biotechnology. (See more: / Custom Synthesis & API CMO)

What we can offer you as our partner?

As our partner, you can benefit from our global industrial capabilities and our deep technical expertise. We can provide you with fast to market solutions, thanks to a direct access to:

  • Our worldwide industrial network
    Our global industrial network enables the handling of complicated industrial projects. You can have access to our 16 chemical and biotechnology sites located mainly in Europe but Also in Singapore and India, for the manufacturing of intermediates and APIs. You can also benefit from our 38 pharmaceutical sites, spread over 25 countries. They offer one of the most extensive ranges of technologies available in the industry, covering injectables, inhaled, solids, semi-solids and liquids forms. Our industrial plants are regularly and successfully inspected by international Health Authorities. They meet all the technical, regulatory and customers satisfaction requirements, ensuring the quality and safety of medicines for the patients.For each product, a dedicated Quality & Regulatory expert is in charge of any requests you may have from day-to-day business to long term projects.
  • Our flexible integrated offer
    We propose a flexible or a fully integrated offer, according to the needs of your project. Our offer co-vers all the important steps of the drug cycle, from Phase III to the commercialization of the product. It can combine the supply of APIs or intermediates as well as the contract manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, custom synthesis and APIs. At each step of your project, you can benefit from our strong technical, quality and regulatory support
    More information: cGMP ONE-STOP-SHOP
  • Our qualified employees
    Every day, our highly trained 200 collaborators put their technical expertise at your service, in order to satisfy your specific needs. They are driven by the same mission: to focus on patients' needs. To ensure a high level of quality during your project, we provide continuous training and rely on strong internal audit system.

We look for long term partnerships. They allow reliability, flexibility and synergies on innovations and productivity.

Why we want to be a major partner of the European biotechnology industry?

We are strongly committed to support the biotechnology companies in Europe, as we are convinced they are essential to ensure the sustainability of our activity. We explore all partnerships with biotechnology companies, but put a specific emphasis on companies developing:

  • monoclonal antibody;
  • therapeutic proteins produced, fermentation and mammalian cells culture, extraction and purification;
  • biological used in the field of gene therapy and immunotherapy. These viral vectors are a promising class for the treatment of life threatening diseases and about to improve the quality of life of patients suffering of unmet medical needs.

Sanofi and Transgene: a long term innovative collaboration for the production of immunotherapy treatments

In March 2013, Sanofi and Transgene, a biopharmaceutical subsidiary of the Mérieux Institute, announced a strategic collaboration agreement for the creation of a state-of-the-Art industrial platform dedicated to the production of immunotherapy products including Transgene's therapeutic products. Located on Genzyme Polyclonals site in Lyon, the new platform will remain Sanofi's exclusive property but will be available for Transgene and potentially other customers.

Acting as Transgene's Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO), Sanofi and Genzyme will manufacture clinical and commercial batches of drugs substance of Trangene's immunotherapy products. Transgene will be a preferred customer of the commercial manufacturing platform for 15 years. Thanks to this industrial collaboration, Sanofi will be able to produce a new class of APIs (viral vectors) to support clinical studies and commercial needs, both for external and in-house needs."Transgene is extremely pleased to announce this agreement with Sanofi. It combines the solid expertise of recognized experts and pioneers of gene therapy and vaccines",said Philippe Archinard, CEO of Transgene."This collaboration will ensure the commercial production of Transgene in the long term and allow us to focus our resources on the development and marketing of our products."