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Partnering with us

From prevention to treatment, we transform scientific innovation into healthcare solutions in Human Vaccines, Rare Diseases, Multiple Sclerosis & Neuroscience, Oncology, Immunology, Diabetes & Cardiovascular, Digital Technology, Drug Discovery & Biologics, and Consumer Healthcare. Our diversity and global reach is supported by our strong presence in Mature and Emerging Markets.

An open partnering model

Capabilities Pushing for Innovation Manufacturing Network

Partnering strategy

Global Business Units

1. Restructure our portfolio to focus on human health

  • Sustain leadership and consolidate operations in areas where Sanofi has substantial expertise and experience: Diabetes & Cardiovascular, Vaccines, Rare Diseases, and Emerging Markets
  • Build competitive positions and develop expertise in Multiple Sclerosis & Neuroscience, Oncology and Immunology
  • Position Sanofi as a leader in Consumer Healthcare

2. Successfully launch our major new products

  • Innovation driven by new medicines, such as Toujeo®, Praluent®, and Dengvaxia®
  • Prepare the introduction of the insulin glargine/lixisenatide combination SoliquaTM/SuliquaTM for diabetes, Dupixent® for atopic dermatitis, and Kevzara® for rheumatoid arthritis

3. Enhance R&D innovation to develop our drugs and vaccines

  • Products that make a real difference to the doctors writing prescriptions, payers reimbursing their cost, and the patients who should, ultimately, receive the best possible care
  • Devote substantial resources to the most promising projects in our R&D portfolio
  • Foster existing R&D collaborations and increase capacity for external innovation

4. Streamline and simplify our organization teams

  • Five global business units to improve collaboration between R&D and business operations, thereby fast-tracking the time to market for our innovations
  • Globalize and integrate all key functions including Research & Development and Strategy & Business Development

Value creation through partnerships

We believe that Alliance Management is the keystone of any sound and successful collaboration. For this reason, we have a dedicated team of Alliance Managers, working across the globe to fulfill the mission of maximizing the value through collaborative engagement, management of risk, actionable assessment and agile governance.


What we are looking for?

As a trusted partner in the healthcare journey, we understand science and embrace innovation. Working across the drug discovery continuum from prevention through cures, we are eager to learn more about your advances in early- to late-stage development. Our partnering brochure will add more insight about our major therapeutic areas and flexible approach to deal making.

Our contacts

We invite you to contact Sanofi to inquire about our partnership opportunities according to your area of interest.

Diabetes & Cardiovascular

Diabetes: Ulrich WENDT -
Cardiovascular: Olivier FINANCE -

Sanofi Genzyme

Rare Diseases: Brian BRONK -
Multiple Sclerosis & Neuroscience: Isaac VEINBERGS -
Oncology: Kaan CERTEL –
Immunology: Javier COTE-SIERRA -

Sanofi Pasteur

Jean-Louis GRUNWALD -
Vaccines: Roman CHICZ -

General Medicines & Emerging Markets

Olivier REINHARD -
Latin America: Alexandre BOGGIO -
China: Matthieu MERLIN -
Africa, Middle East, Eurasia & South Asia: Eric SOL -

Consumer Healthcare


Technology Platforms



Rachel SHA –
Out-Licensing: Matthieu LEBRUN -

Manufacturing and supply

CEPiA: An organization fully dedicated to third party Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients activities

Our Mission

We work passionately, every day, to develop, manufacture and supply active pharmaceutical ingredients for your markets across the world.

We leverage our industrial expertise and experience to meet the highest quality requirements while focusing permanently on your satisfaction.

CEPiA offers a broad range of solutions to third parties:

  • A portfolio of more than 120 active pharmaceutical ingredients available for human and animal health
  • A contract development and manufacturing organization

Visit us on