Sanofi’s ultimate goal is to make medicines to make people better. It sounds simple when phrased like that, but the reality of discovering new ways to treat people can be a long, complicated road, punctuated with frustrating failures and euphoric breakthroughs. News headlines can make scientific advances appear like overnight successes, rather than the evolution of hundreds of small discoveries made throughout decades.

Sanofi’s scientists dedicate their lives to finding answers for patients, whether they are suffering from a rare disease or living with an all too familiar diagnosis of cancer. When one option closes, they look for another to open, constantly pushing science to the next level to rethink medicine.

Highlights from the Lab

Meet the men and women behind the lab coats and microscopes, who are building this future, and discover the science that is helping them do it

Voices from Sanofi Labs in 2020

Sanofi’s scientists discuss how they’ve overcome the obstacles of social distancing and lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic.