“Technology enables us to democratize healthcare”

Today, technology is shifting healthcare, changing the way medicines are developed and treatments are delivered. Ameet Nathwani, MD, Executive Vice President, Chief Medical Officer, shared his thoughts about digital health solutions and services with Health Transformer at the recent 2018 StartUp Health Festival in San Francisco, California.

“I think that healthcare is changing very rapidly,” said Ameet Nathwani in the interview. “[…] The cost of the new genomic sequencing has come down tenfold and it’s making it more accessible, but that’s coupled with the data changes. The data is getting cheaper. Data’s the new healthcare currency.”

“How do we industrialize research and development using artificial intelligence, and find better ways to get drugs and how do we take the whole middle process of drug development and actually use telehealth? How do we then apply that globally, so we’re not just developing drugs for the U.S. but we can use the virtual clinics and the cost of development to actually do that globally? (…) I think that technology enables us to democratize healthcare.”

Watch the interview with Ameet Nathwani to find out more:

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