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As Cancer in Older People Increases, so do the Challenges to Help Them Live Longer, Fuller Lives

James, living with prostate cancer, US

Sanofi recognizes the incredible burden that cancer has on patients and those who care for them. Its relentless pursuit to advance scientific discovery is matched only by its determination to bring solutions to patients.

Sanofi is building on a rich legacy in oncology with a rejuvenated pipeline and a renewed commitment to bring novel treatment options to patients. Today, Sanofi has a portfolio of medicines across a variety of cancers, including skin, prostate, lung, colon and breast.

Where science meets determination

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that cancer is the second leading cause of death globally, and that there are more than 100 different kinds of cancer involving numerous pathways and genetic mutations.1  Sanofi’s ambition is to contribute meaningful solutions for patients who are battling cancer through drug discovery and development that is rooted in strong science and innovative technologies.

Sanofi’s oncology pipeline of investigational medicines includes a dozen compounds in all phases of clinical trials. Its strategy is to focus on four areas of cancer–skin, blood, breast and lung–by building a portfolio of complementary molecules, with research focused in two approaches: immuno-oncology and molecular oncology.

In immuno-oncology, Sanofi’s research focuses on the underlying mechanisms of resistance to immunotherapies, which use a patient’s own immune system to fight cancer. The body’s immune system is the first line of defense against cancer, but tumors are often highly effective at evading detection. Sanofi aims to inhibit the ability of cancer to hide from the body’s immune system and enable the immune system to attack tumor cells.

Sanofi’s molecular oncology research include targeted therapeutics that aim to exploit genetic changes found in tumors but not normal cells; drugs that suppress hormone-driven cancers; as well as therapies that deliver anticancer drugs into tumors, minimizing systemic exposure and sparing normal tissues.

Sanofi is testing a wide diversity of drug combinations through a variety of technology platforms to invent differentiated molecules that tackle targets in immuno-oncology and molecular oncology. Because cancer tumors often mutate, simultaneous treatment with multiple therapeutics is a promising approach in addressing difficult-to-eradicate cancers.

Determined for patients around the world

Above from left to right: James, prostate cancer, US; Danielle, multiple myeloma, US ; Ron, cutaneous 
squamous cell carcinoma, US

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