Diabetes continues to grow as a serious global health care challenge

The importance of prevention in overcoming the challenge of diabetes

Finding out you have a lifelong condition like diabetes can be devastating – but not for Sanofi ambassador Delphine Arduini, suffering from diabetes. When Delphine was diagnosed with diabetes in 1994, she made it her companion. She set about proving that anything is achievable – even with diabetes. Since then she’s completed marathons, travelled the world, dived and hiked to raise awareness about diabetes. If you ask Delphine what her greatest achievement has been so far, the answer will be the same as for millions of other women worldwide. For this sportswoman, her best win has been the birth of her son.

Delphine’s story is to “inspire, connect and educate” people about diabetes: an example for the entire diabetic community. Yet her story is by no means unique.

Sanofi - Delphine Arduini’s interview
My life with him

Diabetes affects over 400 million adults worldwide – 199 million of them women. And that figure is expected to spiral to 313 million by 2040. Diabetes is also the ninth leading cause of death for women worldwide, claiming 2.1 million lives every year. In addition, one in every seven births is affected by gestational diabetes. Half of those mothers will themselves develop Type 2 diabetes within a decade after their pregnancy.

Every day, millions of women like Delphine make diabetes be part of their ‘normal’ life. They monitor their blood glucose levels, they maintain a diet that works for them, they stay active. And everything around them, work, family, holidays … life goes on. They control their diabetes instead of letting diabetes control them.

A new era of diabetes awareness

For almost half a century, Sanofi has been at the forefront of the fight against diabetes, pioneering insulin-based treatments to help lower blood sugar levels.

Sanofi is joining forces with Delphine to invite people with diabetes in order for them to share their stories and to help empower others to lead the lives they want, regardless of diabetes.

The unprecedented digital campaign is designed to remind the world that #Every1Matters – and that anything is possible with diabetes. Sharing stories helps ensure no one – no matter where they live or how long they’ve had diabetes – feels isolated or helpless in the face of this disease. This same spirit is at the heart of the T1D Challenge, a sports challenge created in partnership with Sanofi.

The challenge was designed to bring together international teams of people with Type 1 diabetes to realize a sporting challenge. For the first edition in 2013, 12 people with diabetes from seven countries climbed Kilimanjaro. The challenge has scaled new heights every year since in an effort to prove that “together, everything is possible – despite diabetes”. The message? Diabetes doesn’t have to put a brake on your life.

Sanofi’s International Diabetes Day digital campaign will focus on these stories and many more.

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