The fight against falsified medicines

Sanofi has been investing for almost 10 years in the prevention and fight against falsified medicines. Since 2008, its central counterfeit analysis laboratory in Tours has been analyzing products suspected of being falsified and enriching the knowledge of fake medicines around the world. Sanofi also contributes to the dismantling of networks of counterfeit drug traffickers and plays an important role in prevention around the world.

The countries most affected by this phenomenon are those in Asia, Africa and Latin America, which are more easily out of control of distribution channels and where up to 30% of medicines available on the market can be counterfeits.

The Internet has become one of the preferred means of spreading falsified medicines. A large number of websites operate illegally, offering prescription drugs without prescription, and selling unapproved or falsified products. According to the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP), 95.7% of online drug sales sites are illicit.


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