Diversity & Inclusion

Sanofi respects the diversity of its people and works to create an inclusive workplace where everyone can be their true selves. Its employees represent the variety of Sanofi’s patients, customers and partners, which builds a better understanding of needs and forges stronger connections. Sanofi people dare to be themselves and to celebrate their differences, be it age, religion, gender identity, race, sex or sexual orientation, in an environment that helps them achieve their full potential. 

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Sanofi’s D&I Journey

Find out how Sanofi’s diversity & inclusion initiative began and how it has evolved over the last decade
Paul Hudson CEO

"People have different perspectives in different cultures, and as a company, you have to do what you can to make sure the opportunities are there for them."

Paul Hudson, CEO Sanofi

Fostering an Inclusive Work Environment

Sanofi’s inclusive work environment fosters ways of working that strengthen its corporate culture and brings out the best in its people. It values, respects and draws benefits from the richness of diversity, and focuses on five areas: gender balance; lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer or questioning (LGBTQ); people with disabilities; working across cultures, generations and backgrounds; and providing an inclusive work space that includes a flexible work environment and family leave. Sanofi uses the most inclusive definition of family and family members. Here are some highlights:

Najla Cherif Hamdi
Gender Balance
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Making a Difference

Sanofi is proud to have been recognized for its diversity & inclusion initatives. These awards and recognitions are the result of the dedication of its employees and the inclusive workplace it fosters. 


Stronger Together

Sanofi is proud of its partnerships that allow it to align with a coalition of companies who are vocal advocates and support communities across the world: