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Healthcare for all

Because at least half of the world’s population does not have access to essential healthcare solutions1, we are committed to exploring ways to ensure patients get the treatments they need and improving their quality of life. Sanofi also leverages its expertise and promotes an approach integrating innovation, availability, affordability and quality care and patient support

At least 50%
of the world’s population lack access to essential health services<sup>1</sup>
Life expectancy varies by 34 years
between countries<sup>2</sup>
Health inequities have a significant social and economic impact<sup>2</sup>

As a health journey partner, we focus on one objective: improving access to healthcare and high-quality medications for underserved populations in our fields of expertise by:

• Serving the needs of patients with non-communicable diseases
• Contributing to the control, elimination and eradication of some infectious diseases

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Infectious diseases
Non-communicable diseases
Fighting against falsified medicines

Falsified medical products are those "that deliberately or fraudulently misrepresent their identity, composition or source", according to the World Health Organization

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