Standing Up To Cancer

Ingrid is a well-known athlete in stand-up paddle surfing and Carole canoes in a dragon boat. Their lives were rocked when they were diagnosed with breast cancer, a diagnosis that threw into array their whole identity as women. Despite facing an uphill battle, Ingrid and Carole chose not to give up, but rather to fight and that meant continuing to practice their sport after surgery.

Standing up to cancer
Documents Ingrid’s and Carole’s fight against breast cancer with courage and grace

These two women agreed to tell their story to encourage other women to dare to leave their homes even if the effort seems enormous, to live better and to keep moving, because physical activity improves quality of life and can prevent a disease’s recurrence. Post-diagnostic physical activity is associated with a reduction in overall mortality of about 40% (INCa, 2017), just one of the messages the film’s director and doctor, Blandine Mellouet, wants to talk about. Using the fighting spirit of Ingrid and Carole was a way to communicate her message and give them the courage to battle through the difficult period of diagnosis and treatment.

Mellouet is convinced that medical recommendations are not enough to communicate real health messages, which is why she founded the association, Plasma, to promote health through adapted media. Her aim is to put the human experience at the heart of her videos by telling meaningful stories and using powerful images as a lever to inspire action. Plasma works to promote accessible health information for everyone, to make choices in a responsible and informed way, and so the women become actors in their own health and well-being.

In the coming months, Plasma will follow the new adventure of Ingrid, who is returning from a first expedition to Greenland, where she wants to buy a hut in the small village of Oqaatsut, restore it, and bring other women with her to help them find their second wind and overcome the challenge of their disease, to regain self-esteem and a new momentum in their life. When she shares her photographs of her expedition on social networks, the response is always the same: "You made us dream we were there, it was beautiful". Plasma wishes to go further by producing a film on this fabulous adventure full of hope.

Blandine Mellouet
“But for this project to emerge, the young association needs you! By clicking on this video on the website, you are already contributing to actions. The Standing Up to Cancer video is also Mellouet’s way of sharing the message of joy and courage from Carole, who left us not long ago, and to whom these images are dedicated.”
M.D. Blandine Mellouet

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