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Welcome to Sanofi in Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq

Sanofi Levant is an affiliate of Sanofi, the global biopharmaceutical company, focused on providing healthcare solutions in 90 countries around the world.

With its presence in Lebanon and Jordan for over 50 years, Sanofi, the dynamic and rapidly growing organization, is constantly working to meet the needs of the country’s healthcare professionals and its patients by transforming scientific innovations into therapeutic solutions.

Sanofi Levant operates through its local pharmaceutical operations, General medicine, Vaccines, and Specialty care.

In Levant, the product registration, importation, local distribution, and promotion are performed through local agents in Beirut, Jordan and Iraq.

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At Sanofi, we take pride in offering a range of engaging events throughout the year. From product launches and workshops to community outreach programs, our events are designed to meet the unique needs of patients and stakeholders, fostering a collaborative environment dedicated to advancing healthcare.

Sanofi: Forging a Vital Healthcare Partnership with France and Iraq

On September 19-21st, Sanofi and the French Healthcare Business and Innovation Forum hosted by the French Minister for External Trade, Olivier Becht, had the privilege of hosting a delegation from the ministry of Health of Iraq. The Forum was an opportunity for the delegation to connect with French companies and explore potential collaborations and partnerships in various fields and therapeutic areas.

Sanofi hosted the delegation at La Maison Sanofi where they were introduced to Sanofi Global operations, the collaboration prospects between Sanofi and Iraq, as well as the conditions for establishing a conducive ecosystem for innovation. The delegation had also the unique opportunity to visit Sanofi Vitry production site gaining insights into Sanofi R&D and drug discovery processes.

This partnership comes as a result of long standing dialogues with the Iraqi authorities to ensure better healthcare access to care for Iraqi patients.

We look forward to pursuing this dialogue and strengthening this partnership with the Iraqi authorities to address key public health issues and foster a favorable ecosystem to innovation.


Join the Fight Against Meningitis with the #MeningitisFlag!

Meningitis is a global concern that can impact anyone. At Sanofi, we're raising awareness alongside Team Sanofi athletes using the #MeningitisFlag. This emblem represents unity and determination in defeating meningitis.

The flag's design symbolizes individuals, their support networks, and our collective determination. The yellow semi-circle signifies hope, the purple triangle represents care and support from families, and the sea of blue reflects the worldwide community's resolve to conquer this disease.

Millions are affected by meningitis each year, and awareness is our weapon. Today, our Levant office flies the #MeningitisFlag to spread the word and make a positive impact. Join us in the fight against meningitis, and together, we can make a difference!"

Empowering Excellence: Rosuvastatin/Ezetimibe Speaker Academy in Iraq

In response to the growing prevalence of Dyslipidemia in Iraq, the Sanofi Dyslipidemia Levant team organized the Rosuvastatin/Ezetimibe Speaker Academy. This two-day scientific event brought together key opinion leader cardiologists and endocrinologists to prepare for the launch of the new Fixed Dose Combination Rosuvastatin/Ezetimibe in Iraq.

Led by guest speakers, this event aimed to equip experts with the knowledge needed to effectively treat dyslipidemia and deliver future presentations throughout Iraq. The academy fostered interactive discussions on patient journeys, local challenges, and the benefits of rosuvastatin/ezetimibe fixed-dose combinations in various clinical settings.

Rosuvastatin/Ezetimibe Launch in Iraq: A New Era for Sanofi

Sanofi Levant GenMed celebrated a major achievement with the launch of Rosuvastatin/Ezetimibe in Iraq. This once-daily pill, designed to lower LDL-C levels, simplifies treatment for hypercholesterolemia patients. We engaged with top experts and healthcare professionals, and the success of these launches in key areas like Baghdad, Basra, Sulaymaniyah, and Karbala was made possible through collaboration with the Sanofi Medico-Marketing and Shubber teams.Sanofi is ushering in a more simplified treatment regimen for patients living with hypercholesterolemia, and as said during the launch event: “For patients with hypercholesterolemia, simplification of treatment regimens and dosing formats can go a long way in improving adherence”. 

World Kidney Day: Kidney Health for All

Today, on World Kidney Day, we emphasize the importance of kidney health and equitable access to care. At a recent nephrology congress in Amman, Sanofi hosted an interactive awareness session, led by Dr. Robert Najm, to highlight the significance of kidney health. Our commitment to kidney health is persistent, and we believe in making quality healthcare a fundamental right. Join us in spreading awareness and working together to ensure kidney health for all.

Insulin-Glargine Launch in Iraq

We've had an exciting Q1-Q2 as we introduced 'Insulin-Glargine' in Baghdad, Basra, Karbala, Erbil, and Sulaymania. Engaging top KOLs, international experts, and 700 HCPs, we achieved success thanks to teamwork between the Sanofi Medico-Marketing team and AlBanna sales. We appreciate the support from local organizations and look forward to more opportunities in the future.

Lebanese National PV Program!

On 14 September, the Lebanese Minister of Health officially launched the National Pharmacovigilance Program in a ceremony attended by representatives from WHO, MHRA, World Bank, Lebanese University as well as representatives from the Association of Pharmaceutical companies. 

This event came as the result of all the efforts done in the previous years by the Ministry of Health to put Lebanon among the strongly regulated countries for pharmacovigilance and to become an effective member of the WHO Program for International Drug Monitoring. 

As per the Lebanese Minister of Health, Dr Firas Al Abyad, "the launch of the program comes as an important moment in the history of the drug policy in Lebanon, as building and enhancing vigilance and drug safety is nowadays an essential part of the Ministry of Public Health's objectives, which seek to ensure patient safety while reducing financial costs to the health care system.”

We are proud that Sanofi has collaborated for years with the Lebanon Ministry of Health to contribute to this national priority, providing different levels of expertise, sharing best practices, working hand in hand during the COVID-19 pandemic, and ultimately, contributing to this successful launch, all to reconfirm our commitment to act for patients and to work in line with Sanofi Levant’s management strategy to position Sanofi as a key partner for Health Authorities in the region. 

During the event, the efforts of the Pharmacovigilance Center as well as the objectives and vision of the National Program were presented, including their plan to work on many upcoming projects, like the issuance of the national Good Pharmacovigilance Guidelines for MAHs in Lebanon. It aspires to cooperate closely with medical professionals to host workshops and training on pharmacovigilance, as well as cooperate with universities to promote pharmacovigilance and patient welfare. 

Moreover, the PV Center plans to illustrate the success story of Lebanon as a country with limited financial resources in implementing the pharmacovigilance system in the context of Covid-19 through several publications. Worth to mention, the PV Center succeeded to document in a year and a half 21,000 reports through the VIGIFLOW safety reports management system, of which more than 7000 reports related to Covid-19 vaccines, which is the first record in the Middle East in proportion to the population.

Rare Disease: We are acting for patients and customers!

Within Levant Specialty Care, we are committed to initiatives that will contribute to our overall mission of chasing the miracles of science to improve people’s lives.

Turkey and Iraq share commonly high consanguinity rates which can reach 60% in some areas. 

In this context, from June 10th to June 13th, 12 Iraqi health care professionals and 8 Turkish experts witnessed a distinctive learning and educational experience at highly specialized centers in Istanbul and Adana where they gained hands-on experience in lysosomal Storage Diseases diagnostic approaches, treatment modalities as well as challenging clinical cases discussions. 

In addition, Sanofi Turkey team shared their model for treatment supply management which will help in closing the supply gap in Iraq and improving RD patients’ compliance and adherence. 

We are accelerating efficiency!

Such experience and best practice sharing in close collaboration with MOH, will add value by increasing the knowledge in rare diseases and will support building a cross-countries network in the TIL cluster which will help solve potential problems in the management of LSD and hence optimize RD patients journey in Iraq.

Sanofi Levant Celebrates World Immunization Week

In celebration of World Immunization Week, Sanofi Levant organized a press event in Amman on May 23rd. The event brought together media, medical societies, pharmacist and nurse associations, and health experts.

The primary focus was to emphasize the importance of immunization and routine booster shots in preventing contagious diseases. The event featured discussions from healthcare leaders, who shared global and Jordan-specific vaccination coverage data and discussed the kingdom's immunization program to prevent the spread of epidemics and vaccine-preventable diseases. He also underlined the importance of vigilance against the resurgence of influenza outbreaks after the lifting of Covid-19 restricti."

Step4Rare: Building a Stronger Healthcare Infrastructure

In response to the healthcare challenges in the region, Sanofi has joined forces with Iraqi authorities to enhance healthcare infrastructure in Iraq through the 'Step4Rare' access and development program.
On March 17th, 2022, we hosted the first 'Step4Rare' conference to raise awareness about lysosomal storage disorders in Iraq. This initiative focuses on building knowledge and expertise among healthcare professionals, emphasizing disease awareness, access programs, and continuum care. Our goal is to ensure the delivery of high-quality care for patients with rare diseases.

Empowering Pharmacists: The SEHA Program

Committed to our mission of advancing science to improve lives, Sanofi , has established the SEHA Program. Our focus is on placing pharmacists at the heart of our efforts and healthcare services.

The program's key objectives include creating a new digital engagement platform for pharmacists, offering unbiased medical information on diseases and treatment options, ensuring medication accessibility and adherence, and raising awareness about potential risks associated with certain medications. We work in partnership with stakeholders across Levant markets, with the endorsement of local Syndicates of Pharmacists and the Ministry of Health.

We've launched a groundbreaking hybrid curriculum for pharmacists, featuring interactive webinars led by a team of Key Opinion Leaders. These webinars cover a range of topics to enhance pharmacists' understanding of their daily practices, challenges, and education. In Iraq, we recently introduced this program with the first webinar, 'Putting the Pharmacist at the Center of What We Do.' Together, we're committed to making a difference in healthcare.


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