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We are committed to addressing the world's most critical challenges in our quest to create a healthier, more resilient world. With a global workforce spanning approximately 100 countries, we possess a unique opportunity to drive significant progress and make a positive impact. This shared vision unites us, motivating us to work together towards a better future.

World Environment Day 2022: Taking Action for Our Planet

This World Environment Day, we emphasize the urgency of our fight against climate change, not only on our sites but also beyond. At Sanofi Levant, we've focused on two key pillars to minimize our environmental footprint: climate change and waste management.

During the third week of June, we organized two awareness sessions on recycling and strategies to combat climate change. These sessions were followed by a plantation day, where our colleagues and their families joined in to plant indoor greenery for our offices and homes. We are committed to being part of the solution for a sustainable future."

We Volunteer

In our aim to raise awareness on the global environmental strategy “Planet Mobilization”, Sanofi Lebanon, in collaboration with Live Love, joined forces to clean a beach on Saturday, June 22 intending at reducing as much as possible the waste on Lebanese shores.

Employees and their families engaged in an activity that best serves the Lebanese population as part of our mission to Empowering Life.

End Result: 480 Kgs of waste were removed off the shore, sorted and sent for recycling.

Our News

Water Sanitation in Public Schools

As part of its commitment to reduce the spread of diseases, Sanofi Vaccines recognizes the role and importance of creating a healthy environment and, in particular, clean water for children. As part of its ongoing CSR approach, Sanofi vaccines and the Rotary Club of Beirut joined forces to create “Water Sanitation in Public Schools” a three-year project to ensure clean, drinkable water in public schools all over Lebanon seeking to improve attendance and the overall health and safety of the children. The project involves the implementation of 1,400 filters in as many public schools in different areas in Lebanon. In addition to providing the installation, the project also involves continuous maintenance and water tests every three months to ensure the schools change the filters and commit to the prescribed sanitation guidelines.

Sanofi Lebanon team members were mobilized since the day of the explosion on August 4, 2020 to support each other overcome this tragedy and help fellow Lebanese who were severely affected get their homes and belongings back.

At company level, crisis team invested efforts directly after the explosion in following up with each and every employee in Lebanon to check on their safety, that of their parents as well as any material damage caused by the explosions.

The management made sure to aid employees who were affected by the blast morally, financially, and by providing homes to those who completely lost their homes.

A local account was then activated allowing team members to donate the amount of money they wish to contribute with to help restore damaged houses of people in Gemmayze area.

More than 40 colleagues participated in the volunteering.

On the morning of August 14, a group of colleagues headed to Gemmayze to restore an elderly’s demolished house. We managed to clean her house, repair her aluminum balconies, replace the shattered windows with brand new ones and get her enough food supplies so that she feels home and safe again.

Offre Joie organization has scheduled a time for Sanofi members to help with on-the-ground tasks within the coming couple of weeks to restore 2 additional damaged homes of elderly people.