Our Science

Our Science

We chase the miracles of science, working across disciplines to solve problems, take smart risks, and discover the extraordinary.

We’re determined to find answers for patients, and to develop medicines and vaccines with the potential to improve people’s lives. We focus, and we push our limits. Because when we work together we can grow, take smart risks, learn from failure, and discover the extraordinary. That’s how we turn the impossible into possible. And it’s how we will help make life better for people everywhere.

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Clinical Trials

Australia's medicine and science community are contributing to more than 30 Sanofi clinical trials, and we are investing more than $20 million in these pursuits each year.

Clinical trials allow researchers to determine whether a new way to prevent or treat a disease is safe and effective for human beings. This critical stage of creating a new medicine or vaccine follows many years, sometimes decades, of research. The people who participate in clinical trials give immeasurable value to the world, helping advance science and medicine toward new treatments and healthier communities.

Sanofi clinical trials are designed to treat patients, not diseases. Our teams consider the full patient environment, including their access to transportation and buildings, when designing a study. Our team also recognise the importance of diversity and inclusion in clinical trials so that all communities benefit from scientific advances.

Local investment. Local innovation.

Our Translational Science Hub in Brisbane connects Queensland’s world-class researchers with Sanofi scientists in France and the US, creating a first-of-its-kind, global scientific community focused on mRNA technology and translational science.

It is proudly supported by Sanofi, Griffith University, The University of Queensland, and the Queensland Government.

Grant Funding

As part of our commitment to improving healthcare, Sanofi provides funding to support medical and scientific organisations, healthcare organisations, and patient associations. We support funding programs relevant to our areas of medical interest.

Funding categories

Sanofi provides five main categories for support funding:

Independent Medical Education (IME) grants:

• A financial contribution to an organisation (i.e., Medical education organisation, academic medical centre or professional society) to support the development and distribution of a medical education content (physical or online) for Scientific External Experts, in which Sanofi does not control or influence the content.
• There should also be no direct return for Sanofi.

Research grants:

• A financial contribution to a Non-profit organisation (medical or research organisation), to support their independent research program, in a therapeutic area of interest to Sanofi.
• The research must not be linked to a Sanofi product or active substance.
• The research must be supported by scientific or medical grounds.
• Sanofi cannot be involved in the review and approval of the research proposal.
• The Research program must not fall under Sanofi’s Externally Sponsored Research pathway (i.e., Investigator Sponsored Study or Externally Sponsored Collaboration), noting research grants are usually for basic and applied research activities.
• There should also be no direct return for Sanofi.

Scholarship and Fellowship grant:

• A financial contribution to a non-profit organisation (i.e., University, business schools, or equivalent) for the benefit of an individual grantee, to support training institutions, HealthCare Organisations (HCOs) or professional societies for medical education programs (Scholarship) or advanced medical study or research (Fellowship).
• Sanofi must not play any role in the selection of the individual grantee of the contribution and there should also be no direct return for Sanofi.

Philanthropic Donation:

• A financial contribution unrelated to Sanofi therapeutic areas to a non-profit or a charitable organisation to support its own Philanthropic cause.
• This can include support for the mission of a non-profit organisation or an independent Philanthropic initiative by the organisation.
• There should also be no direct return for Sanofi.

Healthcare Contribution

• A financial contribution to a non-profit or charitable organisation to support healthcare-related objectives in therapeutic areas where Sanofi operates.
• This can include support for the mission of a non-profit organisation or an independent specific initiative by the organisation.
• There should also be no direct return for Sanofi.

Support of a third party event:

• A contribution paid to a third-party organisation (i.e., society, college, university, other healthcare professional organisation) to support an event.
• A tangible return from Sanofi can be expected (i.e., trade display, Sanofi attendance at a meeting).
• The request must be unsolicited, and Sanofi should have no role in control or influence of the content or selection of speakers. 


All registered medical and scientific organisations, healthcare organisations and patient associations are eligible for funding, in accordance with the pathways listed above. Sanofi is unable to provide funding directly to individuals.

How to apply

To apply for a grant or contribution, a letter detailing the nature of the request, including whether other funding is being sought or confirmed, a budget breakdown and specific details around the request must be submitted to Sanofi. Requests can be received, and will be reviewed throughout the year, noting the appropriate due diligence will be performed for each request.

Before forwarding your request, please reach out to your contact at Sanofi or to webmaster.australia@sanofi.com so we can advise on the best way to send your request through.

Further information

For questions related to our funding guidelines, submitting a funding application or for information regarding the status of your request please use our contact us page.