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Our vaccines are designed to protect population health, and our medicines treat a broad range of diseases.

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Vaccines to protect population health

From providing protection against disease at every stage of life to protecting humanity against emerging epidemics, vaccines help create and maintain healthy communities that keep life moving forward. As a health journey partner, we are proud that our vaccines can help to protect us and our loved ones from a wide range of severe infectious diseases, at every stage of life.

Medicines to treat a broad range of diseases

Our standard-of-care medicines help people manage their health and help relieve pressure on healthcare systems. For generations, we’ve been delivering innovative medicines and therapies for people living with a wide range of diseases or health disorders, from diabetes to cardiovascular disease to rare diseases, blood disorders and more.


At Sanofi, we are exploring new ways to support people affected by immune diseases and make a difference in their lives. We are committed to improving their quality of life.


We’re pushing the boundaries of science to change the lives of people living with neuroinflammatory and neurodegenerative disorders.


Since we launched our first diabetes treatment, we’ve been at the forefront of diabetes management, coupling breakthrough advances with the quality, resilience, and scale of a global organisation. We're proud of our 100-year legacy in insulin, and we're continuously transforming care for people living with diabetes.

Rare Diseases

The rarity and complexity of patients’ medical conditions can make a rare disease difficult to diagnose and treat, leaving patients feeling isolated. At Sanofi, we are committed to empowering the lives of people with rare diseases by offering sustainable, transformative healthcare options.

Rare Blood Disorders

Some of our patients’ most serious needs today are in the field of hematology, and we are committed to significantly improving the health and lives of people with rare blood disorders around the world through groundbreaking science.

Consumer solutions to promote self-care for all

Our over-the-counter allergy, pain, digestion, cough and cold, and mental wellness brands are household names. For us, Consumer Healthcare is about empowering people to take control of their health. It’s good for individuals, and for building sustainable healthcare systems.

We're committed to patient safety

Global pharmacovigilance enables Sanofi to monitor the benefit-risk of its therapies, to better serve our prescribers and safeguard our patients.

Pharmacovigilance is needed to protect patients and public health by acting as a function that ensures medicines patients take are safe. It is a continuous process lasting through the whole life cycle of a medicine and is needed to complete the knowledge about a medicine’s effectiveness and risk in the real world.

Pharmacovigilance provides updated information to HCPs and patients to minimise risk and to optimize safe and effective use of medicines.

Valproate risk in pregnancy

We are dedicated to the ongoing safety surveillance and proactive risk management of all our products.

In line with our global team response, Sanofi wants to ensure patients understand the risks associated with valproate in female children, women of childbearing potential and pregnant women. Educational materials are being made available to healthcare professionals and patients to provide more information about this risk

This applies to all brands of valproate, including Epilim, Sodium Valproate Sandoz, Valpro EC and Valproate Winthrop.

This information is intended for patients prescribed sodium valproate. Please contact your healthcare professional if you require further information.

Call for reporting

Please remember that any suspected adverse events should be reported to the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), or Medsafe

Company Contact

Adverse reactions can also be reported directly to Sanofi: email or phone 02 8666 2123. Our medical information department can be contacted for further information at, 1800 818 806 or 0800 283 684.