Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion In and Beyond the Workplace

Our vision is to reflect the diversity of our communities, unleash the full potential of our employees, and transform healthcare to be more inclusive and equitable. Because when we bring the best of our best selves every day, we can work miracles.

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs): valued partners in driving culture change.

Our employee groups turn local insights into action for diversity, equity, and inclusion. ERGs include Gender+, Generations+, Pride+, Ability+, and Culture and Origins+.

Each has a leader to help countries share ideas and best practices.

Our thriving ERG movement is helping us meet our DE&I goals. Through listening, collaboration and partnership we're encouraing greater diversity, inclusivity and equity across the community. We are 'All In'.
Karen Hood

Karen Hood

Country Lead Australia & New Zealand


Driving gender equity at work and in healthcare settings through advocacy, visibility, development, engagement, and recruitment.


Accelerating all disability inclusion through accessibility, neurodiversity, and mental wellbeing. We're working together to create an accessible and inclusive environment where people feel comfortable to openly share and ask for workplace adjustments so everyone can achieve their full potential.

Culture & Origins

Celebrating our humanity and unique cultures and tackling issues that affect equity, experience, and health disparities. Our Culture & Origins group help drive our reconciliation action and support for the Uluru Statement from the Heart.


Supporting and developing our people at every stage of their career, and life.


Building and promoting inclusive, positive workplaces and healthcare for everyone.


Anyone can advocate for justice for all people, support diversity, equity and inclusion by being an ally.

Allyship is about taking personal accountability, taking action, and working alongside under-represented communities to help achieve clear shared outcomes of equity, inclusion and justice for all people.

Did you know?

1 billion

people in the world have a disability. They are the largest minority group.(1)


of the global population is ageist and 100% of humans will be one day facing ageism if we don’t act now.(2)

Only around 40%

of LGBTQ+ employees are fully open about their gender identity/expression or sexual orientation at work.(3)

Are you All In?

Together with our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) we co-created an Allyship guide to help people learn how to be more inclusive to different communities. The aim of each chapter is to promote better understanding of each community with some Do’s and Don’ts.