Inclusivity at the forefront of our clinical trials

CSR • Sept 19, 2023

Inclusivity targets implemented across clinical trials; 45% of U.S. trials achieved at least 1 target

Sanofi strives to ensure trials are inclusive by design and represent the diversity of the patient populations who are living with the studied disease. Sanofi is partnering with historically underrepresented racial and ethnic minority communities as well as other marginalized groups to break down access barriers.

Before starting a trial, Sanofi develops a holistic overview of the patient experience and disease demographics it intends to treat. These insights cover topics including social determinants of health, reasons for mistrust and healthcare access barriers.

Building on these insights, Sanofi sets inclusivity targets in line with the demographics of the disease. It also seeks to be inclusive through representative eligibility criteria, endpoints that matter to patients and ways to reduce trial participation burden on patients.

As of June 2023, 22 trials in the U.S. with last patient in (LPI) expected this year have achieved:


of the clinical trials achieved all inclusivity targets


of the clinical trials already achieved at least 2 inclusivity targets


of the clinical trials have already achieved at least 1 inclusivity target

Inclusivity targets in the U.S. are defined by aligning with the demographics of the disease for the following communities: Asian, Black, Hispanic.

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