The Impact of Messenger RNA Vaccines: Exploring Sanofi's Role in Immunization

For over 100 years, we have been protecting the health of millions. But an additional 1.5 million lives could be saved each year with improved vaccination coverage (1).

Did you know?

We are often unaware of the impact that infectious diseases can have on ourselves and our loved ones. They can put us at risk of serious illness, which can lead to death. 

24 hours

Meningitis can claim a life in less than 24 hours.(2)


Flu can cause 10x increased risk of heart attack within the week following an influenza infection.(3)


40% of infants under 6 months with whooping cough require hospitalizations.(4)

How Immunization Works?

The immune response is a natural mechanism activated by the human body when it detects the presence of an infectious agent.

Did you know? mRNA vaccines work differently than traditional vaccines, instructing certain cells in the body to produce a "mimic" of the targeted viral or bacterial protein directly.

Georgia, London, UK
Georgia, London, UK

Dream Big

Vaccines help protect us from diseases so that we can focus on the future. So we can appreciate the little things that make our day and dream about the big ones that rock our world.

Discover dreams of people from all walks of life.

Daughter kissing pregnant mother stomach while standing at beach during sunset
Daughter kissing pregnant mother stomach while standing at beach during sunset

The Upshot Series

Find out how vaccines can protect us from a wide range of severe infectious diseases, at each and every stage of life. Everything you need to know about vaccines is here.

How Infectious Diseases Impacted Lives

Theo Curin

Théo Curin, nageur paralympique, n’était âgé que de six ans lorsqu’il a contracté une méningite bactérienne.

The Ray family

The Rays are a brave example of what can happen when an infectious respiratory disease such as whooping cough spreads through a family.

Sanne Van Barneveld

Sanne’s son, Thijs, was hospitalized to be ventilated due to RSV at only 6 weeks of age.


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