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About Sanofi Pasteur

As a health journey partner, we, at Sanofi, are proud that our vaccines can help to protect us and our loved ones from a wide range of severe infectious diseases, at every stage of life. Sanofi Pasteur, our vaccines global business unit, partners with the public health, medical and scientific communities to improve access to life-protecting vaccines and increase vaccination coverage, while striving to develop new and improved vaccines to enhance health and well-being.

Key figures - Over half a billion people - Vaccines
Over half a billion
people vaccinated with Sanofi Pasteur vaccines worldwide 1
About 15,000 employees globally
About 15,000
employees globally, 60% of them dedicated to manufacturing and quality operations
Key figures - A world leader - vaccines
A world leader
in influenza and pediatrics vaccines, first worldwide supplier of polio injectable vaccine

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