Oncology Partnerships

As we explore new frontiers in oncology, we look for collaborations that can amplify our impact for patients.
Bernard, Multiple Myeloma patient, FranceBernard, Multiple Myeloma patient, France

Our oncology focus

Our immuno-oncology, molecular oncology, and innate cell therapy teams are pursuing a range of novel targeted therapies. We look for partnerships that complement our efforts in non-small cell lung cancer, breast cancer, multiple myeloma, non-melanoma skin cancers, and colorectal cancer.

Illustration of substances being released at a cell's surface, leading to inflammation Illustration of substances being released at a cell's surface, leading to inflammation

Frontier R&D

We partner to make the most of our expertise in novel checkpoints, tumor-mediated immune suppression, and cytokine biology.  

Our modalities include AI-driven drug discovery and design, antibody-drug conjugates, natural killer (NK) cell therapies, T-cell and NK-cell engagers, soluble TCRs, and gene therapies, to name just a few. 

Partnering success stories


Our exclusive collaboration and license agreement enables us to design, develop, and commercialize several novel antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) for up to three cancer targets. It combines our proprietary monoclonal antibody technology and Seagen’s proprietary ADC technology.

Biond Biologics

We’re pursuing new treatments for several different types of tumors thanks to our exclusive, worldwide license agreement to develop and commercialize a first-in-class LILRB1 blocking mAb (BND-22).


Our exclusive collaboration and license agreement with Adagene allows us to generate, develop, and commercialize masked monoclonal and bispecific antibodies for oncology. 


We’re collaborating with Nurix Therapeutics to discover, develop, and commercialize targeted protein degradation drugs to help people with challenging diseases in multiple therapeutic areas.

Your partnering lead in Oncology

For more information, contact us at OncologyBD@sanofi.com

Kaan Certel

Kaan Certel

Head of External Innovation, Oncology