Our R&D Focus

Armed with a toolbox of powerful technologies, we focus on potentially transformative vaccines and therapeutics.
An enzyme converts a fatty acid into a glowing trail of signaling molecules involved in inflammation
An enzyme converts a fatty acid into a glowing trail of signaling molecules involved in inflammation
Understanding the immune system at atomic-level resolution changes everything. With artificial intelligence (AI) and single-cell sequencing, we can discover and develop a new generation of medicines and vaccines that are more targeted than ever before.
Frank Nestle

Frank Nestle

Chief Scientific Officer

Immunology & inflammation 

We’re leaders in type 2 inflammation. Our teams are exploring different ways to rebalance the immune response, building a rich pipeline of potential first- and best-in-class medicines for type 2 inflammation and beyond.


We use revolutionary technologies to design disease-modifying therapies for people with multiple sclerosis and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Our goal is to slow or halt neurodegeneration, control neuroinflammation, and protect, or even repair, the nervous system.


Let’s restore hope. Our immuno-oncology and molecular oncology teams are tackling some of the most elusive cancers out there using AI, synthetic biology, antibody–drug conjugates, NANOBODY® molecules, and other cutting-edge technologies. Our goal is to develop a new generation of medicines that ease the burden of cancer.

Rare Blood Disorders

We never stop innovating for people with rare blood disorders. Our contributions range from the first extended half-life clotting factors for hemophilia to the first approved treatments for acquired thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura and cold agglutinin disease.

Rare diseases 

Our close collaboration with the rare disease community has been pivotal to groundbreaking work in lysosomal storage disorders. We’re committed to finding new solutions for people with Fabry, Gaucher, and Pompe diseases, acid sphingomyelinase deficiency, and GM2 gangliosidoses, among other conditions.


The incredible power of vaccines has never been clearer. Every day, we turn science into immunizations that protect people and communities around the world. Data science helps us profile harmful bacteria and viruses, while a unique range of proprietary technologies empowers our teams to target their vulnerabilities.

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