Meningococcal meningitis

For over 45 years, Sanofi has been at the forefront of combating meningococcal epidemics and in driving meningococcal vaccine innovation. Because no one should die or suffer from this vaccine-preventable disease. 
Théo Curin, sitting by the pool getting ready to start his training.  Théo Curin, sitting by the pool getting ready to start his training.
Meningococcal meningitis is a rare but potentially devastating disease which can strike anyone, anywhere in the world. In the global race to defeat meningitis, we all have a part to play. We’re constantly innovating to protect against the different causes of acute bacterial meningitis and prevent the preventable...
Thomas Triomphe

Thomas Triomphe

Executive Vice President and Global Head of Vaccines

Did You Know?

Meningitis is a global public health emergency(1)

Meningitis can progress rapidly, leaving little time to act(1)

Meningitis signs and symptoms can be easily confused with other illnesses such as, flu, COVID-19 and malaria.(1)

Daniel Yoshizawa - a meningococcal meningitis survivorDaniel Yoshizawa - a meningococcal meningitis survivor

Time to Tackle Meningitis Globally, Once and For All 

Meningitis, a vaccine-preventable disease, affects millions of people around the world. Yet progress toward defeating it lags behind other infectious diseases.1, 2, 3 

Everyone has the right to meningitis prevention and treatment. But awareness varies widely, and vaccination recommendations differ from country to country. Recognizing the significant impact of meningitis, the World Health Organization (WHO) has initiated a worldwide call-to-action developing a roadmap to defeat Meningitis by 2030.1

Théo Curin - a meningococcal meningitis survivorThéo Curin - a meningococcal meningitis survivor

Our Part in Defeating Meningitis

At Sanofi, we advocate for the inclusion of meningococcal vaccines in national immunization programs and recommendations, and we’re innovating to continuously improve our meningococcal vaccines and expand their availability worldwide.  

We’re also raising awareness of this vaccine preventable disease by collaborating with inspirational people affected by meningitis and the wider community, to accelerate progress towards the WHO roadmap’s goal to defeat meningitis by 2030 to ultimately create a world where no one suffers from the effects of this infectious disease. 

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