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May 13, 2024
Press Release: Sanofi adds over €1 billion for biomanufacturing to €2.5 billion already committed in major projects in France to support health sovereignty
May 10, 2024
Press Release: Sanofi and Novavax announce co-exclusive licensing agreement to co-commercialize COVID-19 vaccine and develop novel flu-COVID-19 combination vaccines
May 2, 2024
Press Release: Beyfortus real-world evidence published in The Lancet shows 82% reduction in infant RSV hospitalizations
April 30, 2024
Press Release: Annual General Meeting of April 30, 2024
April 26, 2024
Media Update: New data presented at ATS demonstrate Sanofi’s leadership in advancing potential new therapies for patients with immune-mediated respiratory diseases
April 25, 2024
Press Release: Sanofi Q1: robust 7% sales growth driven by launches, underpins full-year guidance
April 23, 2024
Press Release: Rilzabrutinib LUNA 3 phase 3 study met primary endpoint in immune thrombocytopenia
April 17, 2024
Press Release: New 48-week frexalimab phase 2 data support potential for high sustained efficacy in multiple sclerosis
March 22, 2024
Press Release: Availability of the Q1 2024 Memorandum for modelling purposes
March 11, 2024
Press Release: New Phase 2b results for amlitelimab support potential for best-in-class maintenance of response in atopic dermatitis
February 24, 2024
Press Release: Phase 2 results demonstrate rilzabrutinib rapidly reduced itch severity and significantly improved disease activity in adults with chronic spontaneous urticaria
February 24, 2024
Media Update: Dupixent® continues scientific leadership with late-breaking results showing reduced airway inflammation and mucus plugging in adults with uncontrolled moderate-to-severe asthma
February 23, 2024
Press Release: Filing of the 2023 U.S. Form 20-F and French “Document d’Enregistrement Universel” containing the Annual Financial Report
February 23, 2024
Press Release: Dupixent® sBLA accepted for FDA Priority Review for treatment of COPD with type 2 inflammation
February 22, 2024
Press Release: Sanofi’s Board of Directors proposes the appointment of Clotilde Delbos, Anne-Françoise Nesmes and John Sundy as independent Directors
February 16, 2024
Press Release: Japan first in the world to approve Dupixent® for chronic spontaneous urticaria (CSU)
February 15, 2024
Press Release: Phase 2 data published in NEJM show potential of frexalimab as high-efficacy therapy in relapsing MS
February 9, 2024
Media Update: New data presented at AAAAI highlight Sanofi’s scientific leadership across inflammatory diseases
February 5, 2024
Media Update: New data demonstrate clinical safety, benefit and durability of Nexviazyme® across a wide-range of Pompe disease patient groups
February 5, 2024
Press Release: Peer support, flexible work arrangements, salary for a year: Sanofi launches global program for employees affected by cancer and critical illnesses

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