Accessibility: partial compliance

What is digital accessibility?

An accessible website is one that allows people with disabilities to access its content and functionality without difficulty. An accessible site makes it possible, for example, to:

  • Navigate with text-to-speech and/or Braille (especially used by blind and visually impaired people).
  • Customize the display of the site according to users’ needs (increase or decrease text size, change colours, etc.).
  • Navigate without using the mouse (with the keyboard only, or via touch screen, voice control or a suitable device).

To achieve this, the site must comply with the standards in force when it is created and updated.

Digital Accessibility: Sanofi's Commitment is committed to this digital accessibility process, from design to updating content, to improve the user experience for people with disabilities.

This desire is reflected in the development of the multi-year digital accessibility plan in order to ensure the progressive compliance of digital tools and services with the RGAA (General Accessibility Improvement Standard).

  • Complete overhaul of the site (design and content) taking into account, from the conceptualization phase, the issue of digital accessibility and its criteria (put online by 2022);
  • Carrying out regular full audits aimed at detecting areas for improvement;
  • Make digital accessibility an acceptance criterion in each technical development of new site functionalities;
  • Collaboration with a firm specializing in digital accessibility to ensure that the actions carried out are in line with the RGAA;
  • Awareness of contributors on the quality of content produced for the site;
  • Training of integrators for compliant productions.

Feedback and contact

If you are unable to access any content or service, please contact the site manager who will provide an accessible alternative or offer the content in another form.


You should follow this procedure in the following situation:
You have notified the website manager of an accessibility problem that prevents you from accessing any part of the content or services of the portal and you have not received a satisfactory response.

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