Cardiovascular diseases

Cardiovascular deaths can be prevented, and we won’t stop our efforts until every possible life is saved.
To reduce the global impact of cardiovascular disease demands bold new thinking. We are going beyond medicines as a leader in efforts that aim to positively impact the lives of millions of patients who live with these diseases.
Olivier Charmeil

Olivier Charmeil

Executive Vice President and Global Head of General Medicines

Did You Know?

No. 1

Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are the leading cause of death globally.

Over 30%

Nearly a third of the total number of global deaths are due to CVDs.

Over 75%

Over three quarters of CVD deaths take place in low and middle income countries.

The Burden of Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular diseases are disorders of the heart and blood vessels which can result in heart attacks, strokes and other CV events, which are mainly caused by a blockage in blood vessels that prevents blood from flowing to the heart or brain.  

The cause of cardiovascular diseases is usually a combination of risk factors, such as tobacco use, diet, obesity, physical inactivity, harmful use of alcohol, hypertension, diabetes or high cholesterol1.

Optimizing Lipid Management in Acute Coronary Syndrome

Acute coronary syndrome (ACS) is a major cause of death & illness worldwide and post-ACS patients are at very high risk of recurrent cardiovascular events. 

Since 2018, Sanofi has developed and supported the ACS EuroPath project, to identify and address the barriers to optimal lipid management in post-ACS patients. 

A Leader in the Fight Against CVD

Sanofi has dedicated 60 years to understanding cardiovascular diseases, continuously evolving and working closely with healthcare partners to provide solutions. 

We are proud to be a healthcare organization that offers a complete range of medications for high-risk cardiovascular patients and their physicians. 


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