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We share expertise and embrace innovation at the cutting edge of discovery, development, and manufacturing to advance science for patients. 
Yaroslav Morozov, Enzyme Engineer pipeting samples in mRNA R&D, Waltham, MassachusettsYaroslav Morozov, Enzyme Engineer pipeting samples in mRNA R&D, Waltham, Massachusetts

Expanding the technology toolbox

Our technology platforms enable our R&D teams to build on their deep knowledge and expertise across therapeutic modalities and scientific domains. From artificial intelligence (AI) to an expanded genetic alphabet, these tools are helping us drive progress at every stage of R&D.

Close up of AMBR equipment in the Research & Biomarkers lab. mRNA, Waltham, MassachusettsClose up of AMBR equipment in the Research & Biomarkers lab. mRNA, Waltham, Massachusetts

Partnering for the future

We’re looking for well-matched partners whose novel approaches complement our expertise.  

Together, we can discover, develop, and manufacture new medicines more quickly and with more precision than ever before.

Partnering success stories


We’re collaborating with Excientia on an end-to-end AI platform for drug discovery and translational research. It’s changing the way we make drugs for cancer and immune-mediated diseases.  

Together, we aim to generate up to 15 novel small-molecule development candidates by discovering targets, accelerating research, and designing precision-engineered medicines.


We’re partnering with Owkin to identify new drug targets and combinations and provide high-value insights through access to domain expertise and multimodal-trained AI.  

We work on disease models that leverage our genomics and genetic datasets and provide access to research-grade cohorts that include longitudinal molecular, imaging, pathology, and outcome data. 

IGM Biosciences

IGM Biosciences’s proprietary IgM antibody technology platform is helping us discover agonists against several targets.  

Thanks to our exclusive, worldwide collaboration agreement, we can create, develop, manufacture, and commercialize IgM antibody agonists against several oncology and immunology targets. 

Your partnering leads in Technology Platforms

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Brian Bronk

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Sarah Tao

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