A cancer diagnosis carries incredible burden. That’s why we pursue new therapies, expand access to medicines, provide support, and learn from patients every day.
Schlomit, multiple myeloma, Israel
Schlomit, multiple myeloma, Israel
Until we find cures, we’ll continue to chase miracles of science that transform treatment and care, while addressing the real needs of people living with cancer, such as quality of life.
Peter Adamson

Peter Adamson

Head of Oncology Development

Did you know?

18.1 million

Number of cancer cases around the world.(1)


Cancer is the second leading cause of death globally.(2)


Projected increase in EU cancer cases by 2040.(3)
Danielle, multiple myeloma, US
Danielle, multiple myeloma, US

Our commitment to oncology

We’re charging ahead, building on our rich legacy in oncology. With a growing pipeline and renewed commitment to advancing transformative therapies, we’re determined to help improve outcomes and the lives of people living with many different types of cancer.

Thomas, lung cancer, Germany

Our oncology focus

We’re building a differentiated oncology pipeline, focusing our research on areas of high unmet need. Because our goal is to go beyond the expected and transform the treatment of cancer.

When cancer grows old

We collaborate with advocates and healthcare providers around the world to give people with cancer the best possible chance to grow older.

Helping Patients Live Longer, Fuller Lives

We want everyone with cancer to have the best possible chance to grow older.

A Global Response to Cancer and Aging

We’ve joined forces with the Union for International Cancer Control and the European Cancer Organisation.

Developing Customized Solutions Worldwide

Our contributions program offers support to local, regional, and global organizations working on solutions for cancer and aging.
Ron, cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma, US
Ron, cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma, US

What’s next in oncology?

With new technologies unlocking a world of possibilities, we’re confident the investigational medicines in our pipeline will be more effective in combatting cancer and safer for patients.

Because our fight is not just against cancer. It’s for people and their quality of life.

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