Jodie, Cold Agglutinin Disease, USA

Jodie, Cold Agglutinin Disease, USA

Jodie, Cold Agglutinin Disease, USA

Sanofi: Pioneering Healthcare Solutions for a Better Tomorrow

We chase the miracles of science to improve people’s lives. But we can’t do it alone. We work closely with healthcare professionals, patient advocates, governments and industry so we can have the biggest impact.

Paul Rowe trained to be a physician but found a way to do more for patients in pharma. 

Photo of a mother and baby
Photo of a mother and baby

Vaccines to Protect Population Health

Vaccines are essential to public health. Ours help protect a billion people a year from the ravages of infectious disease. We never compromise on safety or quality, producing vaccines to the highest standards.

Medicines to Treat a Broad Range of Diseases

JJ, ASMD patient, USA
JJ, ASMD patient, USA

Specialty Care Medicines

We work closely with patient communities to develop highly specialized medicines that transform the lives of people living with rare conditions, and those who care for them.

General Medicines

Our standard-of-care medicines help people manage their health and help relieve pressure on healthcare systems. For generations, we’ve been delivering medicines for people living with diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. We’re also addressing autoimmune attacks in transplantation. 

Pharmacist advises a type of medication to a customer
Pharmacist advises a type of medication to a customer

Consumer Solutions to Promote Self-Care for All

Our over-the-counter allergy, pain, digestion, cough and cold, and mental wellness brands are household names. For us, Consumer Healthcare is about empowering people to take control of their health. It’s good for individuals, and for building sustainable healthcare systems. 

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