General Meeting 2022


Questions asked electronically


In addition to the legally regulated system of written questions, you may now ask your questions electronically until Friday April 29, 2022, by logging to the meeting’s Webcast, which is accessible on the page


The Chairman and the Executive Management will answer these questions within the time limit allowed during the debates at the meeting. Questions that are not related to the agenda or that may infringe on trade secrets will not be answered.

You will be asked to confirm that you are a shareholder in the following manner:

Without justification, your questions cannot be answered by the Company.

Questions asked in writing

Reply to the written questions from Initiative Pour un Actionnariat Citoyen association


Press release


Voting results

Notice of meeting (avis de réunion) published in BALO (in French)

Notice of Meeting

EUROAPI Information Statement

Annual Report on Form 20-F 2021

Voting formular

Notice of meeting (avis de convocation) published in BALO (in French)

Attestation sur le mécénat (in French)

Attestation sur les rémunérations (in French)

Addendum No.1 to the notice of meeting

Addendum No.2 to the notice of meeting

Supplementary report on the dividend in kind (in french)

Information about shares and voting rights as of March 25, 2022