Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion In and Beyond the Workplace

Our vision is to reflect the diversity of our communities, unleash the full potential of our employees, and transform healthcare to be more inclusive and equitable. Because when we bring the best of our best selves every day, we can work miracles.
Sanofi DE&I leaders convene at La Maison Sanofi in Paris, December 2022
Sanofi DE&I leaders convene at La Maison Sanofi in Paris, December 2022

A Million Conversations: rebuilding trust in healthcare  

By deploying our expertise, our global networks, and a €50M investment, we're empowering people from marginalized communities to speak directly to the healthcare industry. Because it's time we all listened.

Sharpening our diversity edge

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) are critical enablers of our Play-to-Win strategy and commitment to society. That’s why we co-created and co-own our DE&I strategy with employees around the world. As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility plan, it centers on reinventing how we work and building a more inclusive culture together. 

Unleashing our potential

Our DE&I Board: first of its kind in pharma

Our board includes external experts who work alongside members of our Executive Committee and employee resource groups (ERGs) to shape and drive our DE&I strategy.

Representative leadership

Leadership that reflects our diversity is a source of strength. By 2025, 50% of our senior leaders and 40% of our executives will be women.

Pay equity

In 2021 we launched a Global Pay Equity Action Plan to track and reinforce practices to promote parity.

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs): valued partners in driving culture change

Growth opportunities

Our employees are empowered to drive their career. We’re transparent about leadership development, and use AI to match people with mentoring, learning, short-term assignments, and job opportunities.

Life that works

Our global flexible work and 14+ weeks of gender-neutral, paid parental leave for all employees help us achieve greater equity.

Accessible workplaces

By 2025, our physical spaces, digital technologies, and ways of working will be fully accessible, helping all employees thrive.

Beyond the Workplace


Our global Supplier Diversity Program is expanding our networks to include far more historically disadvantaged and under-represented suppliers in our sourcing process.

Clinical trials

We partner with marginalized groups to overcome barriers, make clinical trials more accessible, and build an equitable future of medicine


We activate people across the company to give back to the community. Because achieving positive social impact depends on each of us doing our part.

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