As a global company, and as a pharmaceutical company, we have a responsibility to play our part in addressing some of the world’s most pressing challenges.

Sanofi’s integrated Corporate Social Responsibility strategy aims to build a healthier, more resilient world by ensuring access to healthcare for the world’s poorest people and focus to address broader unmet needs. Integrated within the company’s “Play to Win” business strategy, Sanofi’s commitment to society is based on four essential pillars in which Sanofi is uniquely positioned to make a difference and have a greater impact: Affordable Access, R&D for Unmet Needs, Planet Care, and In and Beyond the Workplace.

Affordable Access

We commit to ensure global access & affordability to health while helping healthcare systems' sustainability.

Caption: Dr Ariany Widiastuty examines Salim at Penyengat Olak Public Health Center in Jambi Province, Indonesia

Global Health Unit (GHU)

Our autonomous, non-profit business unit to provide access to essential medicines in 40 lower-income countries.

Rare Disease Humanitarian Program

We help patients living with rare diseases who have no access to treatments, through annual donations of 100,000 vials of medicine. 

Global Access Plan

We are developing a global access plan for all new products, to make them available within two years of launch in countries where we can have an impact for patients.

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R&D for Unmet Needs

We provide innovative vaccines and medicines to eradicate polio, eliminate sleeping sickness and we aim to reduce childhood cancer deaths.

Caption: Guy, 12 with his father, is the first child to receive an innovative oral treatment for sleeping sickness, in his hometown Mushie in the Democratic Republic of Congo


For 40 years, Sanofi has supplied billions of polio vaccine doses worldwide. Today the end of polio is in sight. 

Sleeping Sickness

For 21 years, we’ve partnered with the WHO to combat sleeping sickness, and we are committed to eliminating it by 2030. Sanofi is the only pharma company continuing to develop innovative medicine to eliminate the disease.

Childhood Cancers

Cancer is the leading cause of death by disease among children and our R&D teams work to develop innovative medicines for pediatric cancer.

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Planet Care

We continue to minimize the potential environmental impacts of our activities and products throughout their life cycle 

Caption: A clean-up operation on Garrarus beach by Sanofi employees, Waterford – Ireland

Carbon Neutrality

Sanofi is committed to reach carbon neutrality across all operations and the entire value chain by 2030.


Sanofi will have an eco-design approach for all new products by 2025.

Blister-free Packaging

We will remove all pre-formed plastic packaging (blister packs) for syringe vaccines by 2027.

In and Beyond the Workplace

Building an inclusive workplace while engaging with communities. 

Caption: Camille Cottin, Environmental Generalist-Ecotoxicology Specialist, with Guilhem Rousselet, Global Packaging Platform, Deguene Ly, Support Business Global External Manufacturing, and Philippe Nicolas, Change Program Coordinator, France

Diverse Senior Leadership

Sanofi is committed to building representative leadership to reflect the diversity of the communities we live and work in.

Social & Economic Engagement in Communities

Sanofi is fostering inclusion and sustainability in the local ecosystems in which it operates. 

From Leaders to Citizens

We are embedding CSR in the career development path of our leaders. 

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Responsible Business

We actively participate in healthcare systems around the world. At Sanofi, we believe that this gives us the responsibility to respect the highest standards of ethics and integrity as well as conducting business in a responsible and sustainable way.

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Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) Performance

ESG and commercial considerations are intrinsically linked and ongoing progress in our ESG performance is vital for Sanofi to succeed and grow in a sustainable way.

#WeCanDoMore to Change Lives

Learn about Sanofi’s commitment to do more! 

An interview with Lise Kingo, Independent Board Director at Sanofi, and former CEO of the UN Global Compact, the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative

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