Relations with Healthcare Professionals and Healthcare Organizations

We are committed to respecting high standards of ethical conduct in our dealings with healthcare professionals in the interest of patients.

We engage healthcare professionals for their expertise in many areas – from asking them to lead training programs to soliciting their feedback and insights about our products. We interact with physicians to provide information about our products as well as scientific, medical and educational information.

Transparency in our interactions

Why is transparency important?

Collaboration between industry, healthcare professionals and healthcare organizations is a vital need in enabling the development and effective use of new medicines and shaping the future of research. Bringing greater transparency to these, already well-regulated and legitimate relationships aim to build greater understanding of industry, healthcare professionals and healthcare organizations collaboration.

What is Sanofi’s commitment in regards to transparency?

We believe that transparency reflects on credibility and engenders confidence in our company, and we are committed to complying with all applicable rules and regulations governing transparency. Each year we publicly disclose the transfers of value made to healthcare professionals in the US and Europe, either on an individual or an aggregate basis.


Sanofi as a member company of EFPIA (The European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations) discloses details of its collaborations with healthcare professionals (HCPs) and healthcare organizations (HCOs). The disclosures include transfers of value made for activities such as research and educational grants to healthcare organizations as well as transfers of value to individual HCPs such as sponsorship to attend educational meetings, speaker fees, fees for consultancy activities and fees for advisory boards.

Why are we working with healthcare professionals and healthcare organizations?

Healthcare professionals and organizations with whom we work provide us with valuable, independent and expert knowledge derived from their clinical and disease management experience. This expertise contributes significantly to our efforts to improve the quality of patient care, with benefits for individuals and society at large.


Publication of transfers of value to Recipients aims at reporting the values (monetary or in-kind) to Healthcare Professionals and Organizations our company is collaborating / has relationships with, following the objectives and provisions included in the applicable Codes.

Individual disclosures have been consented to buy individual Recipients – such consent has been given to allow complying with the applicable Codes that our company signed off to.

These publications do not grant a general permission for those accessing our websites or the national platforms to undertake additional processing of the Recipient’s data.

For a good understanding of the reporting included in our disclosures as published on these websites, we refer to the Methodological Notes that clarify the meaning and content of the transfers of value reported.