John, prostate cancer, US

Sanofi recognizes the incredible burden that cancer places on individuals and the people who care for them. Their stories motivate and inspire Sanofi in its mission to develop novel treatment options, expand access to therapies, provide comprehensive patient support resources and work with patient organizations worldwide to fully understand both patient and caregiver needs.

Sanofi is building on a rich legacy in oncology with a strong pipeline and renewed commitment to advancing transformative therapies to help improve outcomes and impact the lives of people living with many different types of cancer.

Its oncology strategy focuses on building a portfolio of high-quality assets across skin, blood, breast and lung cancers, and centers on four anchor treatments that it believes has the potential to transform patient care.

Inspired by patients worldwide
James, prostate cancer
Danielle, multiple myeloma
Ron, cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma, US

Above from left to right: James, prostate cancer, US; Danielle, multiple myeloma, US; Ron, cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma, US

Research & Development

Sanofi is investing substantially in the next generation of cancer medicines.

When Cancer Grows Old

This multiyear initiative is intended to address the challenges of cancer and aging.


Sanofi is working every day to advance its oncology pipeline on behalf of patients.

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