Alfie, Acid sphingomyelinase deficiency (ASMD), UK 

Sanofi’s commitment to patients extends beyond developing therapies. It also provides support and advocacy programs, educational materials, and other resources to inform and empower patients and their families. 

Improving patient access to treatment

Developing therapies isn’t enough. Sanofi also tries to address various barriers to treatment access globally.

Sanofi's Humanitarian Programs provide several of its therapies free to people for whom treatment may be financially or logistically beyond their means, and who qualify.

Even with free drug programs or other forms of funding like the Humanitarian Programs, patient access to treatment can still be impeded by other issues: logistical and bureaucratic difficulties, inadequate healthcare facilities, or lack of knowledge. In addition to donating its products, Sanofi collaborates with governments, healthcare providers, humanitarian organizations, and other local partners to overcome barriers to treatment, build sustainable healthcare systems, and improve standards of care.

Global patient advocacy

Sanofi’s internal patient advocacy group works with and supports numerous patient organizations worldwide to achieve its common mission: advocating for and addressing the needs of patients with serious medical conditions.

In partnership with patient organizations, Sanofi:

  • Champions the patient perspective within the company
  • Advocates for access to therapies
  • Empowers patients to have informed discussions with their healthcare providers
  • Supports advocacy leaders

Guiding principles that define our relationships with patient advocacy groups

  • Mutual respect
  • Data privacy
  • Open and honest communications
  • Collaboration and partnerships
  • Highest standard of ethics and integrity
  • Transparency


For patients in the U.S., find more here.

Education and outreach

Sanofi is committed to raising awareness about the diseases it treats, educating both patients and the medical community, and advancing research and quality of care.

In addition to regional specific resources, Sanofi offers a variety of websites to help educate patients, families, and healthcare providers about the conditions it focuses on and other issues that affect patients' lives.

Educational websites

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Rare Blood Disorders