Malaria is life-threatening disease caused by a parasite, which is transmitted to people through the bite of an infected mosquito. The disease kills more than 400,000 people every year1, and in Africa-where children are the main victims of the disease-it kills one child every two minutes1

Malaria is, however, a preventable and curable disease. While Sanofi has been producing antimalarial drugs for the past 70 years, in 2001 it introduced a more integrated approach with a focus on prevention. The company developed (in collaboration with public health authorities and NGOs) awareness tools tailored to the local context and targeted at children. Africa is a young continent and more than half of its total population will be under 25 years old in 2050.  

From printed games to digital applications, the MOSKI KIT® range gave more than 400,000 childrenthe opportunity to learn how to prevent and treat malaria in a fun, child-friendly way, with the goal of encouraging them to change their behavior and in turn prompting their families and communities to alter theirs. 

Despite the progress made in the last two decades, Sanofi will continue the fight against malaria through the recently launched business unit, Sanofi Global Health, because at Sanofi, we know #WeCanDoMore.

2001-2021: Sanofi Plays a Major Role in the Fight Against Malaria