Davide Morana

Team Sanofi Athlete

Sport: Para-athletic (100m & 400m)
Age: 29 years old
Nationality: Italy

Cause: Defeating meningitis and advocating for the rights of people living with disabilities.

Davide is a para athlete and motivational speaker whose unbreakable spirit and athletic performance inspire many to reach their potential. As a meningitis survivor, he uses his platform to bring awareness around meningitis and improve prevention.

At 24, Davide contracted meningitis type C. He was rushed to the hospital, resulting in his four limbs being amputated. After four months of adaptation to his prosthesis, Davide’s journey turned a corner. He now chooses to live in the present, using sports as a means to overcome challenges, move forward and focus on accomplishing new goals. 

As a representative figure of Adapted Athletics, Davide has dedicated himself to using his channels and social networks to inspire other athletes and meningitis survivors, while  creating a public movement against meningitis. Today, he promotes vaccination to eradicate the disease and defends the need to manufacture more and better prostheses for people affected by amputation. Davide is a long-term partner of Sanofi in our race against meningitis and, today, we're happy to support him on his journey to the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games.


  • 2022 Italian champion in 100m and 200m
  • 2021 Italian champion in 100m

Follow Davide’s journey to Paris 2024

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